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A collection of gifts for those you love, who deserve some self love and self care, curated by our Editor.


Noteworthy Reads

A Therapy Session with the 'Golden Teacher'

- 10 minute read

Writer Meghan Loneragan journeyed through a guided psychedelic psilocybin - magic mushrooms - healing experience. Here's everything that happened during those six hours.

Solo Sex: How to Self Pleasure Well

- 5 minute read

Sex therapist and Youtimer Aleksandra Trkulja encourages you to remove the goal from masturbation and slow down your solo sex practice to deepen your connection with self.

Worth Their Time: Nawal Sari

- 4 minute read

Australian digital creator Nawal Sari shares the tools and rituals that elevate her every day: Starting the day with coffee and podcasts, and how her daily prayer as a moment to pause, refresh and refocus.

How to Sync Your Skincare to Your Cycle

- 7 minute read

A guide to adjusting your skincare routine to the four phases of the menstrual cycle to support its needs throughout the month and help to prevent hormonal breakouts.

It's Time to Normalise Marrying Yourself

- 7 minute read

Welcome to the age of Sologamy. Or, ‘self-marriage’: the practice of fully committing to yourself, forsaking all others. We meet a sologamist who recently donned a white dress - complete with a matching veil - and walked herself down the aisle.

Feel Good, Forget the Goals: Powering Exercise with Positivity 

- 3 minute read

For many, exercise is intrinsically tied to a desire to self improve, working endlessly towards ever-changing body ideals. So what happens when move your body for one purpose only - to feel good?

The Life Changing Power of Tongue Cleaning

- 3 minute read

Please consider ‘Wake and Scrape’ our new personal mantra. The ancient Ayurvedic practice of tongue cleaning is now firmly in the mainstream.

Where Beauty Meets Technology: Are Home Skin Devices Worth It?

- 5 minute read

LED Therapy, Microcurrent, sonic vibration.... what are they, and are they worth investing in? Gemma Watts takes us back to skin tech school.

The Sweat Edit: Best Infrared Saunas in Sydney

- 3 minute read

Dedicated infrared sauna spaces are growing in popularity. Here is our edit of the best spots in Sydney to get your sweat on.

Why You Should Be Using Lube, Every Time

- 5 minute read

Sex Therapist Aleks Trkulja makes the case for introducing lubricants in bed, and making them a sex staple.

The Link Between our Gut and Mental Health 

- 4 minute read

Did you know your mood is determined by your gut? Raj Barker explains the link between the gut and mental health via the nervous system, and how to support both so that you can thrive.

Tools and Techniques to Soothe Your Nervous System

- 4 minute read

The activities and rituals you can implement into your day to day life that help you access the vagus nerve and support the gut-brain axis.

Is Everyone Queer Now?

- 6 minute read

With one in six Gen Z adults identifying as something other than straight, 'elder queer' Sabina McKenna, who came out as Bi more than 15 years ago asks: Should newly out people have more recognition (and respect) for those who came before?

How to Improve Your Skin... Without Skincare 

- 3 minute read

Using the right skincare products is important. But that is only one part of it. Dermal Therapist Yadira Cauchi on what you can be doing daily to support your skin health.

Why Your Cleansing Step Really Matters

- 4 minute read

Thought the most important step in your skincare routine was your fancy serum or multi-tasking moisturiser? Think again. A Dermal Therapist makes the case for why the humble cleanser deserves more recognition.

Desire Discrepancy: Navigating Mismatched Libido

- 4 minute read

How to deal when your partner wants it more or less than you.

Parenting Like You're Divorced: The Secret to a Happy Home?

- 5 minute read

Writer and mother of one Meghan Loneragan believes she's found the new way to save your sanity and rediscover your old self. Is she onto something?

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