Professional Tongue Scraper

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330,00 kr

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100% medical grade stainless steel professional tongue scraper designed to quickly & easily lift bacteria & debris from your tongue for a healthier & cleaner mouth. The smooth rounded edge of the scraper creates a pleasant scraping action easy on your tongue, yet effective at removing unwanted bacteria.

Using daily helps to: improve oral hygiene, prevent bad breath, lower risk of tooth decay, lower risk of gum disease, freshen breath. Research shows that bad bacteria in the mouth may be linked to illness & disease. Daily removal of this bacteria is a common sense approach to maintaining a healthier you.

Davids medical grade stainless steel tongue scraper is designed for a lifetime of use vs. disposable plastic scrapers costing more over time & creating plastic waste.


Place the scraper at the deep end of your tongue gently, and pull outward towards the tip of your tongue to improve oral hygiene, wash thoroughly after every use. 


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