Our Story

Find balance in life.

Our name says it all. Youtime was born from a desire to redefine beauty, shifting from aesthetic perfection to holistic well-being. Today’s overcrowded beauty market is hard to navigate, so we are using our expertise to do just that for you.

We are passionate about you and your well-being. We want to be useful in people’s lives, by solving real needs with outstanding services, products and guidance.

Youtime is a new concept where the focus is on ensuring that beauty and well-being do not come at the expense of our planet. With a strong emphasis on customer service and clean beauty, alongside creativity and design at its core, this is a brand where people should want to spend time with and find ways to enhance their well-being and lifestyle.

Our studio ties together a purposeful offering of high-quality products, personal services, and energy boosting experiences – all carefully curated from around the world to embrace your body, mind, and spirit. ⁠

Happy to meet you at our studio at Birger Jarlsgatan 37.

Our Founders

Our founders are Sara Hilden-Bengtsson, co-founder and creative director of H&M-owned & Other Stories, and Steve Terry, former co-owner, creative and business director of LYKO, and founder of Toni & Guy in Sweden.

Steve created and founded Youtime in Sydney, Australia 2022, and whilst returning to Stockholm, Sweden the following year, met Sarah with a likeminded goal to sustainably provide a experience led beauty and wellness platform.

The idea of Youtime was born of a mutual passion for people, wellbeing, design, craftsmanship and the environment. The urge and need to create something that will mark a shift in the beauty industry was their common goal.

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Lina is a highly respected Makeup Artist with a fantastic career spanning over 18 years in the industry. Her expertise extends across a wide spectrum across the beauty scene. Here she deep dives into her personal favorites and her experiences at the newest Youtime concept space.

Plant Power

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Interior Stylist and Youtimer Michelle Hart shares how to bring the natural environment indoors to help replenish our life force energy, rejuvenate our bodies and reinvigorate our minds. 

Tools and Techniques to Soothe Your Nervous System

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The activities and rituals you can implement into your day to day life that help you access the vagus nerve and support the gut-brain axis.