YOUTIME: New Beauty Concept in Stockholm


YOUTIME: New Beauty Concept in Stockholm

Lina is a highly respected Makeup Artist with a fantastic career spanning over 18 years in the industry. Her expertise extends across a wide spectrum across the beauty scene. Here she deep dives into her personal favorites and her experiences at the newest Youtime concept space.

Lina Ekh

Beauty Expert & Makeup Artist

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Published: February 2024

Origin: Sweden

Youtime is not like any ordinary beauty store.

Youtime is a new concept where the focus is on ensuring that beauty and well-being do not come at the expense of our planet. With a strong emphasis on customer service alongside creativity and design at its core, this is a brand where people should want to spend time and find balance in their lives.

The brains behind the concept are Sara Hilden-Bengtsson, co-founder of H&M-owned & Other Stories, and Steve Terry, former co-owner, creative and business director of LYKO, and founder of Toni & Guy in Sweden. Two icons in my eyes, who have been a significant part of my work life since last autumn.

This is what Youtime offers in the salon:

You will be able to book appointments with me for eyebrow consultations and individual makeup courses. You can get your hair done by one of the hairdressers who truly stand out in both competence and tailored service.

Soon, you will also be able to schedule visits with a skincare therapist, healer, or participate in on-site yoga and meditation sessions. I love this, and it's a match made in heaven with my own values ​​within beauty.

To complement your salon visit, they have brought in fantastic and unique brands that offer that little extra. Here you will find products with, among others, Becorp labels, which are both top quality and environmentally friendly. Brands such as Rose inc, Nécessaire, Manasi 7, Davines, Källa, Leif, and more are available in the store, and you simply must come in and take a look!

My top 5 favorite products from the store that I use regularly privately (don't miss the discount code at the end!!)


Cycle Sync

Hormonal fluctuations and a completely different perspective on my female cycle were a reality after childbirth, and I am so fascinated by how much I have learned about myself since I delved into how one actually functions during a menstrual cycle.

To match and boost my body during my menstrual cycle, I have been taking Källa's Cycle Sync for almost 4 months now, and I am so glad I found them. The result is a more balanced state and filled with nutrients that I had been missing. Warm, warm recommendations.


The Body Retinol

Do you have dry and flaky legs? Raise your hand! I'm on the 4th week with The Body Retinol, a body lotion (serum balm) with skincare properties that primarily deliver results due to its content of 0.1% pure retinol and 10% AHA.

The active ingredients repair and prevent lines, wrinkles, spots, scars, marks, and skin irregularities, and especially gave me an ooooh feeling on my legs after just 3 applications. Worth the investment! Sold out almost everywhere, but you can find it with us both in-store and online because we have restocked.


Buddha Wood Hand Wash

The trendy brand Leif, Australia's modern answer to Aesop, offers exquisite packaging with incredible scents for body and mind. This is a product that you will remember after washing your hands.

These are sold exclusively at Youtime in Sweden, so if you're in the store, you mustn't miss out on smelling them. If you order from the website, my two favorites are Buddha wood or Kakadu plum.


Essential Love Smoothing Shampoo

If you like to support brands that make 100% effort for the planet WHILE getting an incredibly good product for your hair, I would recommend having a Davines product in your bathroom.

I thought I had found my favorite shampoo, but I was proven wrong when I used the Davines Love series. Based on olive extract, it cleanses gently and prevents damage to the hair from heat styling. It smells heavenly and kicked out my previous favorite after the first use. Wow!

Rose Inc

Blush Divine Radiant Lip & Cheek Color

Comes in 12 shades and colors.

The makeup brand that has seriously impressed me and doesn't quite resemble anything else. Incredibly high quality, clean products, and beautiful packaging.

The cream blush is without a doubt the favorite. Sold exclusively in a few stores, including ours!

Make sure to use the discount code LINAYOUTIME25 for 25% off your first order. Valid until 11/3 2023!

Lina Ekh

Beauty Expert & Makeup Artist


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