Bookmark for later: The Best youtime Reads of 2022


Bookmark for later: The Best youtime Reads of 2022

A letter from youtime's Editor as we say goodbye to 2022.

Andrea Robertson

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This time last year, youtime was still just ours.

The team was working overtime behind the scenes to bring this incredible immersive space of content and products to fruition.

In April, we launched— It’s been a year of building and learning (oh, the learning!), and the support we have received from our ever-growing community has made it so rewarding. 

Our purpose

To open up your world to experiences, voices, and knowledge. To explore together what it means to be well. We aim to put a smile on your face, a twinkle in your eye, and help you to connect with yourself, with others, and the world around you.

This is what we set out to do with our editorial offering; creating a space in which you can immerse yourself - a sanctuary in which you can escape from the news cycle.

I have such gratitude to our incredible community of contributors, who bring wisdom, experience and new ideas to our platform each week.

We are curious and never afraid to ask questions. No topic is taboo. Some of our best read stories break down stereotypes and challenge the status quo.

You love a deep dive on skincare and you're curious about sexual wellness. And you are fascinated by what other people are doing to elevate their everyday.

To end our inaugural year, and while we take some youtime, I'm leaving you with our best read and best loved articles of the year, to bookmark and dive into while you're lazing at the beach, or curled up on the couch.

We'll be back with you in 2023. Until then - breath in, breath out. Take time for you.

Andrea x

It's Time to Normalise Marrying Yourself

Welcome to the age of Sologamy. Or, ‘self-marriage’: the practice of fully committing to yourself, forsaking all others.

We meet a sologamist who recently donned a white dress - complete with a matching veil - and walked herself down the aisle.

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The Life Changing Power of Tongue Cleaning

Please consider ‘Wake and Scrape’ our new personal mantra.

The ancient Ayurvedic practice of tongue cleaning is now firmly in the mainstream.

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Solo Sex: How to Self Pleasure Well

Sex therapist and Youtimer Aleksandra Trkulja encourages you to remove the goal from masturbation and slow down your solo sex practice to deepen your connection with self.

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What is youtime?

Welcome to your authentic world of wellbeing. Want to know more?

Our Editor shares what the youtime movement is, and our promise to you. We invite you to check into the moment.

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Worth Their Time: Elle Macpherson on the Rituals that Elevate her Day

From starting her day with barefoot grounding in nature, to winding down with the Elvis soundtrack and focusing on inner health, the supermodel reveals how she spends her youtime, and the rituals and tools that help enhance her everyday.

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How do we deal with a sense of impending doom and feelings of powerlessness as the climate crisis unfolds?

Author Nina Karnikowski shares her experience of Eco-Anxiety.

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Why Everyone is Talking About the Skin Barrier

Our skincare expert explains the importance of the outermost layer of the epidermis - and how to heal it when it is compromised.

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A Therapy Session with the 'Golden Teacher'

Writer Meghan Loneragan journeyed through a guided psychedelic psilocybin - magic mushrooms - healing experience.

Here's everything that happened during those six hours.

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How Nadia Fairfax-Wayne Cocktails her Favourite Fragrances

Nadia Fairfax-Wayne shares the fragrance memories that are most special to her, and how she cocktails N.C.P perfumes to create new fragrances and breathe new life into her existing signature scents.

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Pleasure Mapping: A Guide to Learning What You Like

Sex Therapist and Youtimer Aleksandra Trkulja takes the scary out of the sex conversation and talks us through learning what feels good for you.

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Why Your Cleansing Step Really Matters

Thought the most important step in your skincare routine was your fancy serum or multi-tasking moisturiser? Think again. A Dermal Therapist makes the case for why the humble cleanser deserves more recognition.

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Is Everyone Queer Now?

With one in six Gen Z adults identifying as something other than straight, 'elder queer' Sabina McKenna, who came out as Bi more than 15 years ago asks: Should newly out people have more recognition (and respect) for those who came before?

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Sweat Edit: Best Infrared Saunas in Sydney

Dedicated infrared sauna spaces are growing in popularity. Here is our edit of the best spots in Sydney to get your sweat on.

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Desire Discrepancy: Navigating Mismatched Libido

Wisdom on how to deal when your partner wants it more or less than you, from a sex therapist.

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Is a Sleep Divorce the Secret?

Separate beds has long been derided as the telltale sign of a relationship falling apart.

But could breaking up with your beloved bedfellow be the key to a healthier and happier you?

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MotherFounder: Anna Lahey

In this Mother's Day series, we speak to brand founders in the youtime community about how motherhood has inspired their leadership style. This is Vida Glow Founder and mother of three Anna Lahey.

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Gemma Watts’ Bridal Beauty Diary

How does a beauty expert prepare for her own wedding? With access to the best dermatologists, treatments and products, Gemma Watts knows what she's doing.

She shares her bridal beauty prep, 18 months out.

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Parenting Like You’re Divorced: The Secret to a Happy Home?

Writer and mother of one Meghan Loneragan believes she's found the new way to save your sanity and rediscover your old self. Is she onto something?

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What Does it Take to be ‘Ethically’ Non-Monogamous?

When Sabina McKenna stumbled into a short-lived, yet passion-filled open relationship, the experience left her fascinated by the rules, boundaries and prejudices of being 'ethically' non-monogamous.

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SNS, Gel, Builder or Polish: Which Manicure is the Healthiest?

Love how long gel and SNS last but find they weaken your nails? Worry about dangers of LED lamps? Find a regular polish lasts about three minutes before chipping?

We speak to two nail experts for all the inside info.

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