Why is My Backdoor a Little Jammed?


Why is My Backdoor a Little Jammed?

Constipation is no fun for anyone. Nutritionist Georgia Forsyth breaks it down: Why it's happening, and how to slide back to regular programming.

Georgia Forsyth

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Published: November 2022

Origin: Australia

There is no polite way to start this, so let’s skip the pleasantries.

At some stage in our lives, we have all suffered from a smidgeon of constipation. If not, your gut is made from the heavens, and you are a full-blown unicorn.

Constipation is defined as harder to pass stools; added strain will become present, as well as abdominal discomfort, bloating, a sense of incomplete evacuation, and your dates with the toilet will be limited to three times per week.

In layman’s terms,  it is wildly uncomfortable, and you often feel as though you are going to pop a damn vessel if you don’t squeeze out that golden egg - then much to your dismay, a mere nugget is found at the end of your voyage. Sometimes even  nada. The sorrow.

This can be due to a multitude of factors: poor diet, lack of fibre, change in lifestyle, flying, and a decline in H20.  

How do we turn this ship around and drop the kids off at the swimming pool with ease? 


Fibre is always the answer to our prayers when there is a touch of strain that accompanies us in the powder room, but why should we be putting fibre in and around our mouth, and how much of it?

On average we should be consuming 25-30g of fibre per day.

May I introduce your new best friends - apples, pears, raspberries, psyllium husk, sweet potato, wholegrains, nuts and seeds, and dark leafy greens.  


Drink your water. Dehydration is one of the common causes of constipation affliction so if you aren’t embracing big girl gulps then I suggest you start tilting that head back. 2-3 litres per day to be exact, this will help get the show on the  road.

If you are yet to befriend H20 (some people just don’t vibe that clear  elixir. Each to their own) then grab yourself a 1- 1.5 litre water bottle, this will help monitor your intake. If that still isn’t doing the trick, incorporate some fresh mint, lemons, and limes to spice things up.  


The mother of all minerals. This beauty is a natural stool softener and muscle relaxant, it also increases the amount of water in the intestines, which will  assist in a prompt evacuation.

You can douse yourself in magnesium oil and  apply it over the abdominal area as topical application will absorb swifter than any other route (who the hell knew).

Alternatively, this can be supplemented in  a powder-like form.  

Stress and anxiety 

The gastrointestinal tract and nervous system are somewhat of a duo, like yin and yang. And so, if the nervous system is feeling a slight bit of pressure and stress then your gut will carry the burden.

This can manifest as gastrointestinal upset and cause symptoms of constipation.

Therefore, it is important to keep things cool, calm, and collected for the love of your rear.

Tummy Massage

This might seem controversial at first glance, but I shit you not (pun very much  intended), this helps with a great escape.

Research suggests that massaging  your abdomen when constipated will help promote relaxation, ease pain, and discomfort as well as decreasing the time it takes for the waste to move  through your intestines.

Georgia Forsyth


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