MotherFounder: Anna Lahey


MotherFounder: Anna Lahey

In this Mother's Day series, we speak to brand founders in the youtime community about how motherhood has inspired their leadership style. This is Vida Glow Founder and mother of three Anna Lahey.

Andrea Robertson


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Published: May 2022

Origin: Australia

Since launching Vida Glow in 2014, Anna Lahey has welcomed three children.

Motherhood, she says, has given her a greater appreciation and understanding of each person in her team and their individual circumstances. It has taught her lessons in nurturing and empathy that Anna utilises in running her company.

In this series of articles ahead of Mother's Day, we speak to some of the inspiring entrepreneur brand founders in the youtime community, who are also mothers. We wanted to know: How has running a business informed their parenting style, and whether motherhood has changed how they lead.

The Founder of Vida Glow shares her experience...

"My kids are young, and at this age they’re so curious and have such a lust for life.

It’s a cliche but experiencing the world as they do – stopping and patting every dog and smelling every flower – is so rewarding.  

When I wanted to become a mother, I underestimated just how much I would change as a person. The entire process – from conceiving to  pregnancy and post-partum – is so transformative for women.

Motherhood doesn’t get any harder or easier, it just changes constantly.

Being a mother has also changed my outlook and priorities. I think children learn from observation, so I’m aware of the enormous responsibility it is to set a good example and raise good people.

I have three very different children – so I’m constantly learning. They’ve taught me more about myself than I will ever teach them.  

When I was becoming a mother, my mum told me to relish the small moments – even when you’re in the trenches of parenthood and it feels really tough.

She said it all changes so fast and one day you will look back and want for those moments. And it’s true – I do.

Motherhood brings out a softer side, it makes you more nurturing. 

Through becoming parents, both [my husband] Kieran and I are more understanding and have an appreciation of our team and their circumstances.

Motherhood gives you perspective of what’s really important in life – I want to be present and set a good example for my children and my team. 

My children know I work at Vida Glow. They think Vida Glow is a type of water, because they always see me drink it. I don’t like to have serious conversations with them about our work, but they know that mummy has to go to work.

Even when I’m going out to dinner, sometimes I’ll tell them I’m going to work – they don’t question it! 

It’s important to me that they see their father and I as equals – we both work, we both parent, and we both run the house. 

I got my determination and work ethic from my parents. Dad did a bridging course during the day and worked at night as a cleaner, while Mum worked in childcare.

They truly gave us the best childhood despite what little they had and they provided us with every opportunity. I have clear memories of wanting to do well and succeed as a child.

I felt an immense obligation to make my parents proud.

I have lists for everything!

And I prioritise communication.

Good communication is vital in our business – it allows us to be agile and move at pace.

I let my team know my schedule for the week so that I can be available to them, and we can maximise the time I have in the office.

On top of this, I’m very lucky and grateful to have a strong support network to help with the juggle – it’s constant. 

A strong network is crucial when running a business with a young family.

I’m so lucky to have the support of my parents, my sister, my in-laws and a close group of friends, as well as a nanny who helps us with the kids."  

Andrea Robertson



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