The Sweat Edit: Best Infrared Saunas in Sydney


The Sweat Edit: Best Infrared Saunas in Sydney

Dedicated infrared sauna spaces are growing in popularity. Here is our edit of the best spots in Sydney to get your sweat on.

Andrea Robertson


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Published: August 2022

Origin: Australia

Sitting, totally alone, in an enclosed box set to 56 degrees, sweating away my troubles is my idea of a good time.

We are dedicated infrared fans here, and the growing number of sauna spaces opening in Sydney suggests we are in good company.

The palpable feeling of expelling toxins from your body as infrared penetrates your skin and muscles, the lingering hum of heat from within as you emerge, utterly relaxed and yet re-energised... it's addictive.

It is cosy in every sense: the enveloping warmth, the serene silence as you close the door and shut out the world, the cocooning shelter of the cedar walls.

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect is the enforced presence: even with a podcast or music playing over the speakers, it is impossible to scroll your phone for more than a minute or two.

I save my favourite podcasts for sauna time to enjoy a solid uninterrupted hour of listening. Ideas calibrate, conversations are pondered, but mostly, I just sit, stare at the wall, and sweat. It’s bliss.

We've compiled an edit of our favourite sauna studios in Sydney to get our sweat on.

You know where to find us.



Slow House

A reflection of Roman bathing culture, Slow House is a place where you can actively detoxify and take time for yourself.

If you want to elevate your sauna session, add on a signature pre-sweat scrub, or book a movement sauna to incorporate heat into your pilates, yoga or boxing workout.

Visit Slow House


Double Bay


An elevated sanctuary of wellness offering spin classes, boxing, ice baths, traditional Finnish saunas for groups, as well as private infrared saunas in a luxurious spa setting.

Visit Shelter



Rimba Sweat

A dedicated studio of five sauna suites with a Mediterranean aesthetic that instantly transports you to a holiday mindset.

Visit Rimba Sweat




A beachside massage, healing and infrared sauna house for nurturing and nourishing your whole self.

The expansive suites have space to roll out a yoga mat to stretch and breathe before or after your session.

Visit Mesa Body


Surry Hills, Rose Bay

Bionik Wellness

Wellness meets technology at Bionik's two locations.

The slick and luxurious space offers Infrared sauna alongside state of the art treatments such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

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Bondi, Manly

Nimbus Co

This serene sanctuary is the original dedicated sauna space in Sydney, and they do it very well.

Nimbus Co are so popular, they've grown to include two more locations in Melbourne and Byron Bay (where you can combine your session with ice bath therapy), and another Sydney studio coming soon to Manly.

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Wildfire Wellness

A dedicated sauna studio for solo or social sweating.

Opt to include 20 minutes of red light therapy to your heat session for the added therapeutic benefits.

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La Cure

A recovery and wellness centre encompassing cryotherapy, IV drip therapy, compression recovery, float and more, and infrared saunas for one to four people.

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Multiple locations

City Cave

Primarily a float therapy centre, City Cave all also offers solo and social infrared saunas as well as massage.

With more than a dozen locations across NSW, as well as QLD and NT, a good sweat session is never too far away.

Visit City Cave

Andrea Robertson



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