How Nadia Fairfax-Wayne Cocktails her Favourite Fragrances


How Nadia Fairfax-Wayne Cocktails her Favourite Fragrances

Nadia Fairfax-Wayne shares the fragrance memories that are most special to her, and how she cocktails N.C.P perfumes to create new fragrances and breathe new life into her existing signature scents.

Nadia Fairfax-Wayne

Creative Director & Stylist

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Published: August 2022

Origin: Australia

I love fragrance, as different scents have the ability to evoke memories of some of the most important moments in my life.

One of my favourite perfume houses, N.C.P Olfactives, create fragrances designed to be worn alone as a standalone signature scent, or to be layered to create a signature perfume that is uniquely you - genius.

The ultimate form of self expression, I can cocktail different N.C.P fragrances to suit my mood or occasion. In this exclusive shoot with youtime, I share my favourites perfumes, how they bring back special memories, and how I layer N.C.P with my old fragrances to add new dimension and create new scent memories.

Olfactive facet 301 Jasmine & Sandalwood

My favourite part of my wedding was walking out to the ceremony in the garden.

The flower girls had already walked out ahead of us, and then the doors opened and a jazz band came out, and I followed them with my dad.

It’s typically such a sombre moment during a wedding with slow, romantic music - but I wanted it to be really strong and fabulous and impactful. 

Olfactive facet 301 Jasmine & Sandalwood is a floral fragrance that is both sensual and light - the perfect perfume for celebrating my first wedding anniversary. 

I am going to apply the fragrance I wore on my wedding to bring me and my husband right back to the day - but as we will be on holiday, I will add a spritz of this on top, to add a light freshness to the fragrance.

By doing this, I'll be creating new memories, with fond echoes of the most special day of my life.


Jasmine & Sandalwood

Olfactive facet 301

A wildly popular perfume for being both sensual and light.

The notes of jasmine petals and white flowers create an alluring and shimmering ensemble.

David Gorgeous, N.C.P fragrance expert for youtime, says: "301 Jasmine and Sandalwood is great for weddings. It can be used as a stand-alone perfume, but can also be layered with your signature scent to create a unique wedding fragrance.

"If you like a strong fragrance but want to freshen it up for a lunch or dinner - or you wear a popular fragrance and want to avoid smelling like everyone else, adding 301 will be the perfect way to personalise your signature bold scent.

"For daytime layering, wear the stronger fragrance first, then add 301. In the evening, reverse this - using 301 first, then your bold signature scent on top. Experiment and see which you prefer."

Olfactive facet 706 Saffron & Oud

This fragrance evokes memories of our holiday in Egypt this year (read Nadia’s Egypt travel journal). 

Olfactive facet 706 Saffron & Oud from the Oriental Olfactive family, has a base of oud wood, musk and amber, and notes of saffron and patchouli - a heady, mysterious aroma that reminds me of wandering around the temples in Luxor.

At Karnak Temple we saw the statues of Pharaoh Ramesses II and his wife Nefertari, and learned about their love story.

We reflected on their partnership - that was so incredible we still talk about it thousands of years later - and the ways in which we hope ours can replicate it. It’s a special memory that I am reminded of every time I wear this perfume. 


Saffron & Oud Eau De Parfum

Olfactive facet 706

A mysterious and personal fragrance, Olfactive facet 706 captivates.

Finding its base in deep Oud wood, musk and amber, it is carefully built around rosy accords while capturing hints of saffron and patchouli.

The Piece - Olfactive facet 701 Leather & Vetiver

The Piece is genius. A gorgeous accessory - my favourite is the gold, but it comes in black and silver too - to top up or add new dimension to my perfume throughout the day.

It makes cocktailing my fragrance so easy. I’ll spritz on Tonka Bean & Moka in the morning, and add a dab of Leather & Vetiver from The Piece for a more masculine, bold fragrance for evening, or if I’m heading to an event or meeting that I want to feel particularly strong and confident for.

These two fragrances layer beautifully together.


The Piece

A unique hand crafted necklace, made in a limited edition and available in gold, silver and black.

The Piece is delivered with a 5 ml Roll On ampule with N.C.P.'s signature fragrance – 701 Leather and Vetiver. 

You can buy refills separately with any N.C.P. Olfactive fragrance.

"All NCP fragrances are unisex, each person can find their best combination," says David.

"703 Tonka Bean and Moka is a great combination; the mix of 703, which I describe as a grown up and sexy fragrance, layered with the bold Leather and Vetiver of 701, together give a unique, standout evening fragrance."

Olfactive facet 703 Tonka Bean & Moka

This is my go-to everyday scent. It is such a unique fragrance - warm, and sensual without being floral or feminine. 

Like all N.C.P fragrances, Olfactive facet 703 Tonka Bean & Moka is unisex so can be shared with your partner. Holiday hack! One fragrance for the two of you - lighter luggage.


Tonka Bean & Moka Eau De Parfum

Olfactive facet 703

A unique, warm and sensual fragrance, awarded a Swedish Beauty Award in 2020.

This smooth yet complex arrangement finds its heart in sweet gourmand with aspects of vanilla and caramel.

Delicate notes of Citrus and Lavender gently rest on a base of warm musk.

"703 Tonka Bean and Moka, is an award-winning fragrance with a sophisticated flare," says David.

"It starts sweet but then dries down into a unique yet beautiful scent. 703 can be used as a standalone, but when layered with fresh, floral, fruity or woody fragrances, will add depth to the scent.

"When layered with an oud, leather or an oriental fragrance, it will add a dark sweet layer, making it richer for that perfect night out."

Photographer: Sonny Vandevalde

This article is in partnership with N.C.P

Nadia Fairfax-Wayne

Creative Director & Stylist


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