Yadira Cauchi

Yadira Cauchi

Dermal Therapist

Yads (Yadira) Cauchi is a qualified beauty journalist and dermal therapist.

She holds two Bachelor degrees, an Advanced Diploma in Cosmetic Dermal Science and is currently completing a Masters degree in Human Nutrition.

Yadira spent almost a decade writing about health and beauty for publications including Cosmopolitan, Shop Til You Drop, Beauticate and Gritty Pretty.

Now, she is a respected voice in the world of beauty and skincare, and is a regular contributor to publications as well as seeing clients in her clinic.


Why Your Cleansing Step Really Matters

Thought the most important step in your skincare routine was your fancy serum or multi-tasking moisturiser? Think again. A Dermal Therapist makes the case for why the humble cleanser deserves more recognition.


Noteworthy Reads

How to Improve Your Skin... Without Skincare 

- 3 minute read

Using the right skincare products is important. But that is only one part of it. Dermal Therapist Yadira Cauchi on what you can be doing daily to support your skin health.

The Skin Products to Introduce in Your 40s

- 5 minute read

A dermal therapist reveals which products to work into your morning and evening routine to counteract the reduced cell turnover and wane in estrogen production due to hormonal changes in your 40s.

A Dermal Therapist’s Guide to the Best Age-Management Skincare 

- 4 minute read

Dermal Therapist Yadira Cauchi on when should you start anti ageing skincare, the best skincare routine for mature skin, and best anti ageing skincare ingredients.

The Skin Products to Introduce in Your 50s

- 3 minute read

A dermal therapist reveals which products to work into your morning and evening routine to introduce during the menopausal stage of life, when hormonal breakouts, loss of estrogen production and dehydration can cause significant changes in the complexion.

PSA: Please stop using toothpaste on your pimples (and other acne myths)

- 3 minute read

Drying a pimple out with toothpaste, tanning to clear your skin... 90s kids have been led astray with many an old wives tale in their quest for complexion perfection. It's time to listen to the professionals. Here, dermal therapist Yadira Cauchi sets the record straight.

Do I Need a Professional Skin Consultation?

- 5 minute read

To truly make the most of your skincare investment you need to properly understand your skin and its challenges. Enter: the professionals.

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