Premium Bamboo Toothbrush / 3 pack

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215,00 kr

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A pack of 3 of Davids high performance 100% natural bamboo ‘soft’ bristle toothbrush, designed to help maintain good oral health with a smooth and gentle mouthfeel.

Made with high performance bristles that are BPA-free and derived from
plant (castor) oil, (most toothbrush bristles are made of plastic derived from
petroleum oil).

Every year over 1 billion plastic toothbrushes end up in landfills or the ocean
and we wanted to do better. Davids ditched the plastic handles and switched
to 100% natural bamboo for an eco upgrade.


Using daily helps to: improve oral hygiene, prevent bad breath, lower risk
of tooth decay, lower risk of gum disease, freshen breath.


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