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With FDA clearance specifically for acne, Omnilux CLEAR has been proven to kill bacteria and help reduce oil production and inflammation that causes acne.

Omnilux CLEAR uses clinically effective blue wavelengths to neutralise the bacteria that cause the redness and inflammation of acne. Combined with the anti-inflammatory properties of red light, Omnilux CLEAR helps eliminate or significantly reduce active acne breakouts.

The results are visibly smoother, clearer skin, a more even skin tone, less pigmentation, and a reduction of acne.

Four 10-minute treatments per week for 6 weeks. Once the initial series is complete, use the device at the earliest signs of a breakout.

Omnilux is recognised as the world leader in medical-grade LED light therapy devices. LED (Light Emitting Diode) devices have long been used in clinic settings for the treatment of a variety of skin concerns including premature signs of ageing, acne, and sun and environmental damage.

Omnilux™ Professional LED devices are the gold-standard medical technology used by dermatologists and aestheticians world over because of their ability to promote skin recovery and healing.

LED therapy is a completely natural treatment and does not contain any harmful UV wavelengths; it does not create heat or thermally damage the skin.

Things to note

"Omnilux was once the best kept secret of beauty professionals, and I am so thrilled their products are at long last receiving the widespread attention and praise they so deserve. Some people are rather territorial about their favourite LED products, but the Omnilux range is OBJECTIVELY good. While you’ll never achieve a salon strength treatment at home, for necessary safety reasons, Omnilux are one of only a handful of brands who deliver clinically proven results."

Clinically proven

Eliminate breakouts

Neutralise bacteria


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