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Solo Sex: How to Self Pleasure Well

Sex therapist and Youtimer Aleksandra Trkulja encourages you to remove the goal from masturbation and slow down your solo sex practice to deepen your connection with self.

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Noteworthy Reads

Syncing With Your Cycle

- 4 minute read

Nutrition and movement to complement each phase of the menstrual cycle, from Holistic Functional Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher Raj Barker.

Yogic Breathing Exercise for Stress and Anxiety

- 4 minute read

Stress and anxiety about things out of our control are at an all time high. Here, Yoga teacher and Youtimer Zoe Klein shares a simple, yet transformative yogic breathing exercise to break the cycle of stress and calm the body and mind.

Let's Talk About Libido

- 4 minute read

One of the most common issues sex therapist Aleksandra Trkulja sees in female identifying clients is a loss of sexual desire. If this is you, you're not alone. Here, we explain why desire fluctuates and how to manage a loss of libido.

Pleasure Mapping: A Guide to Learning What You Like

- 4 minute read

Sex Therapist and Youtimer Aleksandra Trkulja takes the scary out of the sex conversation and talks us through learning what feels good for you.

How to Understand Your Unique Blueprint

- 4 minute read

Taking time to pay attention and take note of how everything we do impacts our bodies is the key to understanding and deepening our connection with self. And it's not hard to do... Raj Barker shares how.

Shame and Sexuality

- 4 minute read

Shame can be associated with sexual preference, orientation, function, fantasy, and more. Aleksandra Trkulja breaks down why we experience it and how to face up to it.