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A different way to diffuse.

The 360 diffuser disperses your chosen pure essential oil into the atmosphere in a 360 degree circular ring, creating an aromatic ambience for the senses unlike those you have experienced before.

Rethinking the classic single-direction flow of traditional diffusers, this original design ensures optimum reach and aroma.

A compact, sleek design ensures the portable 360 diffuser comes with us on our travels, creating a beautiful ambience no matter where we venture.

The portable unit in Noir features a bespoke charging plate and ambient light.

Diffuser (Lithium Battery), Adapter, Charging base

Step 1. Place diffuser on a flat surface and remove cover. If using whilst charging, ensure diffuser is securely attached to the charging plate and stable. Step 2. Fill water taken to the maximum water level line (100ml) with cool tap water. Do not fill water beyond the max level mark in the water tank. The diffuser will not turn on with less than 20mL in the tank.
Step 3. Add 6-9 drops in total of In Essence Pure Essential Oils.
Step 4. Replace cover and secure lightly. If using whilst charging, connect charging plate to power.
Step 5. Press and hold the O button (right) for one second to activate mist.
Step 6. Press and hold the + button (left) for one second to turn on light for ambience.

Total Run Time: Connected to power ~ 8-10 Hours. Wireless (fully charged) ~ 4 Hours.

Adults only
Always read the label. Use only as directed
Keep out of reach of children
For full instructions please refer to the user manual.

Pioneers for over 30 years in the essential oil industry, In Essence are dedicated to delivering holistic health and wellbeing solutions through the power of pure essential oils. They have designed their unique diffusion vessels to ensure you receive the optimum therapeutic benefits from their 100% pure essential oils.


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