The Skin Products to Introduce in Your 50s


The Skin Products to Introduce in Your 50s

A dermal therapist reveals which products to work into your morning and evening routine to introduce during the menopausal stage of life, when hormonal breakouts, loss of estrogen production and dehydration can cause significant changes in the complexion.

Yadira Cauchi

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Published: July 2022

Origin: Australia

The skincare routine and products you invest in as you reach your fifties may be dramatically different to the ones you might have used ten years ago.

You see, the 50s age bracket is predominantly the menopausal stage of life for most women, and with that comes many changes to the skin. 

Yes, the skin! It is not spoken about as often as the physical symptoms of menopause - such as hot flushes, night sweats and sleep problems.

However, with the intense hormonal fluctuations that happen during your 50s, women can experience both hormonal breakouts - especially across their jaw/chin that are painful and hard to pop, but they can also experience a decrease in skin hydration due to the loss of estrogen production and the slowing down of the sebaceous glands in the skin.

This can lead to increased skin dehydration as the skin can no longer hold onto water.

And reduced collagen production may also lead to further signs of ageing, as well as pigmentation and for some, skin may instead feel increasingly oily in certain areas, due to breakouts.

Obviously, this may all begin during the peri-menopause phase of life which can begin when a person is in their forties - although without the proper skincare and advice, it has the tendency to get worse. 

Moral: menopause can have a significant effect on the complexion, during your 50’s - but there are lots of things you can do - skincare and treatment wise - to keep your skin healthy. 

Ideally, you also want to ensure you are looking after your skin from the inside out. Focusing on gut health is important, as is eating a balanced diet full of anti-inflammatory whole foods.

In clinic, that can be supported by popular clinical treatments such as microneedling or fractional lasers which can stimulate collagen production alongside boosting skin texture and tone. Firming and lifting radiofrequency treatments may also be suitable as they work to tone and firm the skin.

And of course, the aesthetic route towards injectable treatment can also be a desired option for many. This can include dermal fillers which contain synthetic hyaluronic acid and are designed reduce sagging/replace lost volume, or Botox to soften lines. 

Both clinical treatments and injectables need to be supported by a proper skincare routine.



The Melyon Milk Cleanser is a do it all cleanser every skin needs. It’s not irritating, full of calming ingredients and is extremely nourishing for 50’s skin.

Manasi 7

Microbioskin ™ Botanical Face Serum 30ml

Vitamin A&C

Silky and lightweight, the Manasi 7 face serum delivers deep hydration for dewy, rejuvenated skin. Quick-absorbing and nutrient-rich, it helps to deeply moisturize and smooth your skin.


Skin Oil

Probiotic Oil

Fast-absorbing and non-irritating, Källa´s lightweight probiotic oil is created for skin that’s prone to breakouts.

This highly-effective treatment replenishes and balances the skin microbiome and strengthens the skin barrier to heal and prevent blemishes.


Skinceuticals triple lipid restore moisturiser is full of lipids, cholesterol and ceramides to help both provide intense hydration but also prevent further skin sagging. 


Aspect Sun Hydrating SPF is an incredibly hydrating SPF without being greasy. It also works well under makeup and is a great primer for makeup. 

Philo Supplements

Skin Beauty Base - 60 Capsules

Internal collagen support

Improve the health and condition of your skin. The Philo science-led skin supplement supports your own internal collagen formation, delivering fresh and younger-looking skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and giving a firmer and lifted look to the skin.



Milk Cleanser

Milk Cleanser

An effective cleanse for your end of day routine to rid the skin of impurities and rejuvenate.

It tenderly soothes redness, imparts a radiant glow, and acts as an antioxidant powerhouse.

Manasi 7

Microbioskin ™ Botanical Face Cleanser


A lightly exfoliating cleanser that both resurfaces and clears the pores. 

It emulsifies from balm to oil to milk to water, rinsing away makeup, dirt, and sunscreen, leaving a smooth, clean complexion with no residue.

Vitamin A

Empelle serum is designed for estrogen deficient skin and is perfect for anyone in their 50’s. It targets dry, dull, sagging skin. 


Empelle night cream – this entire range has been designed for menopausal skin and is formulated to encourage the skin to continue acting as they estrogen was still available. Follow the serum with this night cream.


Medik8 sleep glycolic is an effective glycolic acid-based serum that brightens, fights pigmentation and is a slow-release formula meaning it is effective yet still gentle for most skin types. 


Night Cream

Night Cream

Melyon Night Cream soothes, repairs, and restores the epidermis while carefully removing dead cells and producing radiant-looking skin.

Relaxes skin from external stressors.

Yadira Cauchi


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