The Skin Products to Introduce in Your 40s


The Skin Products to Introduce in Your 40s

A dermal therapist reveals which products to work into your morning and evening routine to counteract the reduced cell turnover and wane in estrogen production due to hormonal changes in your 40s.

Yadira Cauchi

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Ageing is a privilege.

Laugh lines, we love them. Our faces are supposed to show evidence of adventures experienced and milestones passed.

That said, there is plenty we can do, should we choose, to ensure our complexion remains plump and glowing even while naturally shifting hormones affect the appearance of the skin.

There’s no doubt that your thirties is a time where many people start to get serious about using skincare that treats their age management concerns - but as soon as their forties begin - that’s when things really need to work.

As you reach your forties you’ll often start to notice the changes in your skin a lot more than in previous years, predominantly due to the changes in your hormones and the decline of estrogen, which happens during the peri-menopause stage of life.

When estrogen production completely declines - that’s when menopause hits - which of course, directly affects the rate at which your skin ages even more.  

Plus, in your forties, your skin cell turnover dramatically slows down (to double that of your twenties).

So couple that with the loss of estrogen in your skin, this means the overall skin thickness and elasticity is not anywhere near what it used to be which equals skin sagging.

Not to mention, your skin’s resilience declines so wound healing, including bouncing back from acne (which you can still get in your forties thanks to your hormonal fluctuations) tends to take longer.

Additionally, if you spent a lot of time outside in the sun sans SPF protection in your younger years, then you will likely start to notice pigmentation concerns pop up.

Often pigmentation can add years to the way a skin presents. 

This can be addressed with the right skincare treatments such as chemical peels, microneedling and LED as well as products. 

However, what are some good products to invest in in your forties? Let’s discuss the best products to make up a basic, but effective skincare routine. 


Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

Manasi 7 Microbioskin ™ Botanical Face Cleanser 50ml

In your forties skin will be more dehydrated/drier so a hydrating cleanser is a non-negotiable.

You don’t want to be using anything that strips your skin or leaves you with that squeaky clean feeling. A cream or a milk is generally the best option for a morning cleanse. 

Manasi 7

Microbioskin ™ Botanical Face Cleanser 50ml


It emulsifies from balm to oil to milk to water, rinsing away makeup, dirt, and sunscreen, leaving a smooth, clean complexion with no residue.

It’s suitable for sensitive skin and doesn’t compromise its moisture barrier or disrupt its pH.

Botanical Cleanser Caulis’s gentle-yet-powerful formula contains a unique blend of the finest botanical oils and extracts.


Milk Cleanser

Soothing Cleanser

The Melyon Milk Cleanser is designed to eliminate impurities and purify the skin without a hint of irritation.

It tenderly soothes redness, imparts a radiant glow, and acts as an antioxidant powerhouse.

Enriched with Ginger Root Extract, Salicylic acid, and Cinnamonum Leaf Oil. This formula leaves all skin in natural beauty.

Ceramide filled moisturiser

Ole Henriksen Strength Trainer Peptide Boost Moisturiser

In your forties it’s important to be using moisturisers that are designed to tackle dry/dehydrated skin.

Generally these are a little thicker and should contain ingredients to boost and maintain moisture such as ceramides and glycerin alongside peptides that can help fight fine lines and wrinkles that contribute to premature ageing.


Manasi 7

Microbioskin ™ Botanical Multi Balm 50ml

Made with skin-regenerating ingredients, Botanical Multi Balm Kaede is a nourishing, multi-tasking balm that heals and strengthens the skin barrier.

Botanical Multi Balm Kaede is a true do-it-all: it conditions and smooths the skin, takes care of dry patches, heals scars faster, rescues chapped lips, and softens cuticles.

Rich and emollient, it is perfect for very dry skin, rebuilding a protective waterproof barrier.


Night Cream

Cream for PM

 The Melyon Night Cream is enriched with Brassica Extract, Vitamin A, and Peptides that stimulate collagen production on skin.

It soothes, repairs, and restores the epidermis while carefully removing dead cells and producing radiant-looking skin. Designed with active ingredients for all.

Contributes a healthy glow skin. Relaxes skin from external stressors.

A gentle exfoliant (to be used a few times a week)

Biossance Squalane and Lactic Acid Resurfacing Night Treatment

As your skin cell turnover slows down a lot in your forties, incorporating a gentle chemical based exfoliant in your routine will help banish dullness and brighten the skin. Lactic acid is a great ingredient to look for in an exfoliant and tolerated by most skin types.

Rose Inc

Skin Clarity Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

Ideal for oily skin, visible pores, uneven skin tone and texture and congested skin.

Rich in pomegranate fruit enzyme to dissolve debris and jojoba beads to polish the skin’s surface, this daily hydrating formula unclogs pores without the tight, dry feeling of traditional purifiers.

Mushroom extract tightens pores while squalane and 12 amino acids strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier for a soft, smooth complexion.

Common Clouds

Moon Balm 50ml

Under the moon, skin finds peace. Soothing, smoothing, deeply hydrating and packed with barrier-loving ingredients, Moon Balm is a multifunctional moisturiser made to gently address several common skin troubles at once.

The truly unique formula combines skin-calming, redness-fading powerhouses like centella, purslane and guaiazulene (blue chamomille) with a skin-identical blend of lipids, fatty acids and ceramides to strengthen and nourish the skin barrier.

Yadira Cauchi


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