Dopamine Dressing: The Mood Boosting Wardrobe


Dopamine Dressing: The Mood Boosting Wardrobe

In a post-lockdown world, we have never been more excited to dress up. Following months of monotonous loungewear living, we are embracing colour and dazzle - and literally dressing ourselves happy again. Here, our style expert Nadia Fairfax-Wayne delves into her wardrobe to share her favourite dopamine inducing looks.

Nadia Fairfax-Wayne

Creative Director & Stylist

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Published: August 2022

Origin: Australia

What do you wear when you want to feel good?

Does a certain colour lift your mood? A style of dress make you feel instantly happy? A cut of a blazer make you feel confident? Welcome to Dopamine Dressing.

Dopamine dressing is dressing with a desire to boost your mood and feel good. In a recent article Mood Hues, we examined how different colours, along with styles and fabrics, can have the power to trigger psychological response.

Wearing a certain colour can alter your mood by sending messages to neurons in your brain that trigger a boost of dopamine, also known as the "happy hormone". The term was coined in the early 2010s, but it has never been more prevalent than now. Dopamine Dressing was forecast to be the style trend of 2022, and as predicted, the streets, catwalks and retailers have been awash with pigment and patterns.

Not unlike the Roaring Twenties, the era of unadulterated pleasure seeking following WW1; society is embracing fun again, and looking to spark joy whenever and however we can - wardrobe included.

The mantra is: Wear that heel, rock that nail art, and brave that bright colour clash, with the underlying apprehension that at any moment, a new variant will rear its head and send us all back inside our lounge rooms and back into our loungewear. 

Youtime style expert Nadia Fairfax-Wayne is a bonafide expert in Dopamine Dressing. Leaning into colour and having fun with fashion is nothing new to her - just glance at her Instagram posts going back to 2014 - so we couldn't think of anyone more qualified to show us how it's done.

Here, Nadia opens her wardrobe to showcase her favourite mood-boosting ensembles.

"The concept of 'Dopamine Dressing' may be trending, but it is how I’ve always approached my wardrobe.

I always dress to make myself feel good, to elevate my mood - or to help me to feel however I need to for the occasion, whether that’s powerful, business-like, sexy, or sporty.

However I need to feel that day, the outfit I choose can help me get there."

To me it’s not just about improving my own mood, it’s also about elevating people around you.

When I see someone else in a fabulous get up, full of colour and texture, and they appear positive and full of life, I think 'Yeah, girl!'

They’re doing me a service, I take a bit of that positivity away with me. I try to do the same.

I’m really drawn to oranges, reds and yellows, they bring a feeling of warmth and sunshine, like a summer’s day. 

I’d wear this if I have a day full of meetings, or going out for lunch." 

Sener Besim

Tube Full Hoop


Fashion Credits

Knit: Alemais
Skirt: Ksubi
Heels: Bottega Veneta
Bag: Louis Vuitton

"This outfit makes me feel so happy. Like I want to dance and jump on the bed.

Nobody could ever be in a bad mood wearing this. The feathers, the gold, the shimmer - it’s all luminescent. 

Sener Besim

S2 Aurous Sunglasses


Fashion credits

Coat: Birds of a Feather Couture

Shirt: Francoise from The Turn

Jeans: Versace from The Turn 

"This is giving ultimate disco vibes.

Is there anything better than having a boogie on the dance floor with your buddies?

Why wouldn't you wanna replicate that in the outfit? I love mixing colours, clashing prints and having fun with it.

Fashion credit

Top and pants: House of Sunny from Tuchuzy
Iriarte Iriarte

Assemblage No.3 Leather Bag

Light Blue

Fashion credits

Top: Ganni (dress worn as top)
Skirt: Aeziel (dress worn as skirt)

"Friday night out with the girls, or date night. Maybe just to lounge around the house!

I love mixing blues and greens with pinks.

If you just want a pop of colour, an accessory is a great entry point for those who generally steer towards neutral tones, like this gorgeous blue Iriarte Iriarte bag - a classic shape with an injection of colour.

Who says you need an occasion to dress up?

During lockdown, because my job is to dress up and take photos, I found that getting dressed and picking outfits and putting on makeup really helped with my mental wellbeing."  


Make Up Look

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Flavedo & Albedo

Velvet Eyeshadow

Berry Bronze

Flavedo & Albedo

Bright Stripe Eyeliner


Flavedo & Albedo

Dew Tint


Photographer: Sonny Vandevelde

Nadia Fairfax-Wayne

Creative Director & Stylist


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