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Nadia Fairfax-Wayne

Nadia Fairfax-Wayne

Creative Director & Stylist

Nadia Fairfax-Wayne wears many hats, literally with her love for all things sartorial, but also through her work as a creative director, editor, stylist, presenter, model and brand ambassador.

Her creative versatility comes from a varied background starting out as a teenage elite gymnast and working in public relations and media, before she made the natural step into fashion editing and styling.

Nadia is publisher of the acclaimed fashion blog Fairfax Journal, while her Instagram page is a refined yet riotous trip through the fashion calendar, Nadia’s travel journals, and a showcase for her creative talents and collaborations.

Fairfax-Wayne brings her personal brand of positivity and mischief to the world of digital content. She’s the influencer designer labels trust with bold, colourful campaigns, the natural Aussie girl who’s collaborated with global beauty brands and the elegant, witty personality regularly called upon to host prolific events.

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