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The Move Collection

Our curation of the best tools designed to elevate your workout routine and aide your recovery


Noteworthy Reads

A Pro Athlete's Workout Recovery Rituals

- 4 minute read

Pro Athlete and Personal Trainer Montana Farrah-Seaton reveals what works for her body post-workout, from her favourite protein to braving ice baths and the percussion therapy tool she swears by.

WATCH | 20 minute feel good pilates class with Cat Webb

- 1 minute read

We invite you to join us in a feel good 20 minutes pilates class lead by the talented and inspiring Cat Webb founder of Good Times Pilates. Every body’s free to feel good.

Retro Active:  How Roller Skating Became Cool Again

- 4 minute read

In a time when nostalgia rules and TikTok reigns, a whole new generation are giving the retro sport a spin. So, are you ready to roll?