Is 'Skinimalism' the Best Way to Repair Your Skin?


Is 'Skinimalism' the Best Way to Repair Your Skin?

Sure, we've all become skincare aficionados - but has an increased interest in ingredients led to overkill? Overdoing the products can do more harm than good. Dermal therapist Yadira Cauchi makes the case for a minimalist approach to skincare.

Yadira Cauchi

Dermal Therapist

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Published: July 2022

Origin: Australia

As a Dermal Therapist I am big on simplifying skincare routines and one of the biggest issues that pops up in clinic is that people are doing too much.

Honestly, have you ever taken a look through your skincare stash and wondered why you have four different types of cleansers?

I had an online client show me through an entire skincare cabinet once - and it was wildly interesting.

Nobody needs a kitchen sized cabinet full of skincare products. Not only would you not get through them all before they expired, your skin would have a freak out too. There’s no need - and it won’t make your skin better. In fact, it would likely make things worse - so let's chat through why that is. 

The issue with maximalist skincare routines

+ Too many products can = more irritation

Too many products is not ideal for the skin. Mostly because many of the products being used will likely have similar ingredients so it’s easier to overdo it and damage your barrier without even noticing.

However, I also find people don’t really understand what they’re using and combine ingredients that don’t really work together too. Overusing active skincare can and will = more acne and irritation, so often having too many different things on rotation with no clear plan or guide can make your skin worse. 

+ Too many products will damage your skin barrier 

Our skin barrier is like our tiny bodyguard from the external world. Overusing harsh products and having too many ingredients in your routine will damage it and lead to increased redness/itching/sensitivity/acne and dullness/dehydration.

Hydrated skin will always = happy skin and the best way to achieve that is with fewer more purposefully sought after ingredients. 

The benefits of skin minimalism

I often think that the ethos in the way people invest in capsule wardrobes should work for skincare wardrobes too. It would minimise so much waste... and very likely get you better skin results.

It isn’t about throwing away all of your favourite products - in fact, it’s about the opposite.

It’s about using skincare that specifically targets your concerns, using things with purpose and making sure every product in your skincare routine is there for a reason. 

How to create a minimalist skin routine

+ Focus on the essentials 

Every skincare routine needs the essentials. A cleanser, moisturiser and SPF.

So everyone should really start there - then work their way to a more extensive routine, and this might mean enlisting the help of a Dermal Therapist to help guide them on the skincare actives and strengths that would best suit their concerns. 

+ Use products that treat your specific concerns

It sounds simple right? But there are so many people who aren’t using the right skincare to treat their concerns. And many who are using entirely wrong skincare for their skin altogether.

Think about what your main skin concerns are and work in products that will treat them. If there is a product that is in your routine that doesn’t directly treat your concerns, ask yourself why it is there - and do you really need it? 

Skin minimalism is a movement that has exploded over the last years and one that isn’t going anywhere. And while it may not seem as enticing as buying every new skincare launch your favourite beauty influencer tells you to buy, it is a great way to protect and hydrate the skin and get you the results you’re after - without damaging your skin or the environment. 

The thing is, there’s more to good skin health than hundreds of products. It’s about consistency, patience and finding the right ingredients for your skin. How often have many of us thrown away a product before actually finishing it because it didn’t deliver on its promises?

It’s time to stop being overwhelmed by your skincare purchases, use products and ingredients with purpose and be patient enough to stick it out for the results.

Yadira Cauchi

Dermal Therapist


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