Ever Wondered What a Skincare Expert's Beauty Routine Looks Like?


Ever Wondered What a Skincare Expert's Beauty Routine Looks Like?

The doctors behind cult skincare brand The Secret share their morning and evening skin regimes, the exact products they use every day, and the regular treatments they swear by.

Andrea Robertson


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Published: September 2022

Origin: Australia

Meet the doctors who are the founders of Australia's first prescription skincare brand The Secret Skincare, Dr Clara Hurst and Dr Deb Cohen-Jones.

The cosmetic-medical professionals’ game-changing brand offers a simple, streamlined solution by customising and creating bespoke formulations for the individual based on their needs.

The Doctors are walking advertisements for their groundbreaking line, both with radiant complexions. If anyone knows everything there is to know about achieving that coveted even skin tone and healthy glow, it is these two. 

When youtime met the Doctors, we insisted: tell us - in detail - their skincare regime, and they kindly obliged.

Dr Deb Cohen-Jones


+ Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask (2-3 mornings a week)

+ Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil 

+ The Secret The Serum

+ The Secret Day Brightening Elixir

+ The Secret Brightening Day Eye Serum

+ Drunk Elephant Lip Balm

+ Ultra Violette Sunscreen 

+ Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré (If I’m wearing makeup)

+ Mesoestetic Mesoprotech Melan 130 Pigment Control 50ml

+ Spritz of Louis Vuitton On the Beach or Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

Dr Clara Hurst


+ The Secret Brightening Day Eye Serum 

+ The Secret Cellular Repair Night Cream (5-6 nights a week) 

+ Calecim Professional Serum or Augustinus Bader The Cream (1-2 times a week)

+ Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask (exfoliate with once a week)

What are your regular treatments and injectibles?

Dr Deb Cohen-Jones

+ Botox or Xeomin – every 2-3 months religiously by the one and only Dr Clara Hurst

+ Fraxel at Blanc – annually 

+ Brow shape, tint and lash tint at A Little Beauty – monthly 

+ Sculptra at Blanc 

+ Occasional small amounts of filler (wherever Dr Clara tells me to!) 

+ Blanc Signature Facial – whenever I can

+ Dermaplaning – monthly 

"I only use the absolute minimum to look fresh, natural and glowing – Dr Clara is literally my Bible, she will never do a treatment if it’s not necessary or will make me look fake. In addition, I’m a bit of a scaredy cat so I tend to err on the more conservative side.

I only had my first Botox at age 38 but now I am a huge fan. I exercise a lot and have a very fast metabolism so my body processes relaxants very quickly. Clara uses different wrinkle relaxers on me, but I find Xeomin the best currently.

In terms of other treatments for my skin I honestly need very little done as The Secret keeps my skin in optimum condition all the time.

I do love dermaplaning monthly for an even base for makeup, I don’t actually have a very hairy face but it still makes a huge difference.

One of the other best things I’ve done is brow tattoo. Fallon at A Little Beauty is amazing at creating natural but perfect brows." 

Dr Clara Hurst

+ Botox or Xeomin – every 3 months 

+ Sculptra 

+ Laser Genesis – once a fortnight (More if I can or have an event!) 

+ LED light therapy 

+ Tribella course at Blanc – once a year 

+ Emsculpt 

+ Dermaplaning and eyebrow tinting – every 3 months at Blanc 

"I’ve been having Botox regularly since the age of 26 as a preventative treatment and therefore now at age 40 need minimal treatment to maintain my skin as it is. 

Similarly, I started prescription active skincare around age 28 and my skin looks better year on year because of it, meaning no need for more drastic or invasive treatments."  

What is the best product for someone stepping up their skincare routine?

"Definitely our Cellular Repair is your go-to single product. It contains a combination of four highly active prescription strength ingredients in a perfect base to deliver all these actives directly to the correct skin layers.

Women in their 30s are also often multi-tasking with young families and The Secret Eye Serum with caffeine and phenylephrine are the perfect prescription ingredients for treating puffy and dark under eye areas."

Andrea Robertson



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