The Interiors Trends You Won't Regret Investing In


The Interiors Trends You Won't Regret Investing In

Some trends are fleeting. But - unlike fashion where you can dip your toe in modestly, interiors tend to require a bigger financial investment. Cassie Braunthal reveals which trends you can safely invest in.

Cassie Braunthal

Interior Stylist

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Published: December 2021

Origin: Australia

Interior trends are a beautiful amalgamation of everyday life - inspired by the music we listen to, the fashion we wear, the places we visit, and even our emotions.

But are they lasting?

Trends can help persuade our decisions and encourage new directions for our spaces. They inspire us to explore colours and shapes we never thought we’d like and adopt new interior styles. But, unfortunately, interior trends can be a slippery slope to purchasing unnecessary furniture and decor.

The key is to put trends aside and honestly ask yourself whether you see yourself using this piece for years to come and consider how well it will fit into the space. 

Achieving a timeless interior is, of course, challenging and comes with restraint. But, by selecting time-honoured pieces, you will create a space that feels personalised and permanently impactful.

Interior trends usually only last for a period of time which means adopting a more sustainable and timeless approach to design is essential for the environment. Not only is environmental waste factors important, but purchasing fewer, good quality pieces now will pay off later.

Ultimately, low-cost mass-produced items will result in short life cycles because the quality and your personal investment in the piece are low.  

Here are some current interior trends that have stood the test of time and are worth investing in.

Rattan and wicker 

Rattan and wicker furniture is a timeless trend that continues to be celebrated in the interiors landscape. 

Year on year, the beloved material continues to grow in popularity due to its versatility, lending its aesthetic to suit a vast range of interior styles.

Emerging in the 1970’s, it was celebrated in predominantly outdoor furniture settings for its durable and weather-resistant features.

However, the trend is not limited to furniture. In recent times, this trend has celebrated vintage rattan pieces, such as rattan lampshades and rattan framed mirrors intermixed in modern spaces.

The material’s continuous success in the interior space comes down to its chameleon-like state of adapting to most interior styles from modern-coastal to bohemian glamour.

Linen Bedding

Linen bedding is by no means a new trend.

This ancient fabric has been used for generations, dating back to the Ancient Egyptians, where it held the symbolic meaning of wealth.

For this reason, we see a continued resurgence of the natural fabric for its luxurious qualities and sustainability.

Simultaneously looking undone yet sophisticated, you will encounter 5-star hotels, trendy Airbnb’s, glossy magazines and Influencers Instagram feeds, all adopting this timeless trend.

A trans-seasonal bedding solution that softens with every wash, linen is long-lasting, making it a wise investment for your home.


Marble stands to be an eternal interior trend, and when bought, is a truly priceless investment that will stand the test of time.

With the ability to transform a room with its statement appearance and unashamed luxury, marble is a collectible product you will never regret buying. 

With renaissance design dominating in recent years, the popularity of bold marble varieties featuring rich veining and striking colours is one element of this elegant trend to embrace. 

Known for being one of the more expensive materials in the interiors space, thinking beyond kitchen countertops, brands have transformed marble into more affordable and attainable pieces.

Ranging from side tables, plinths, coffee tables, lighting and decor, making it easier to adopt the trend and implement it into your own home.  

Curved Furniture 

Curved furniture is a design trend celebrated since the 1970s and has ebbed and flowed through the decades.

However, with its flowing feminine lines and organic curves, we will see it grow in popularity due to the rise in health and wellness in Interior Design.

Curved furniture is so successful, not only for being a visual statement but also to help soften a space. In interior design, it’s essential to have a mixture of sharp and curvaceous lines to achieve visual balance.

If curved furniture seems like too much risk, then apply rounded art, objects and decor to achieve a similar aesthetic. Rugs, artwork, lighting, and candles are all pieces you can explore for a subtle hint of curves - just keep in mind that you choose items that you will love for future years.

Cassie Braunthal

Interior Stylist


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