Seasonal Refresh: How to Create a Calm Home


Seasonal Refresh: How to Create a Calm Home

Have you wondered how to create a calm home? From mindful decor to the power of aromatherapy, we unpack how to add zen to your home this change in season.


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Published: November 2022

Origin: Australia

Your home should be your sanctuary.

A place of zen to retreat from the pressures of daily life and reenergise in your personal space. So, how to create a calm home?

A change in seasons such as springtime is the perfect opportunity to refresh.

While there are many ways you can create calm in your home, two of our favourite and the most powerful methods are calming home decor, and aromatherapy. 

Read on to discover how.

A calm home: the basics.

What is a calm home?

But first, let’s unpack what a calm home looks like. A calm, zen home can look like a space to relax and unwind. One that feels inviting and uplifting. Where everything has its place, and where physical clutter doesn’t overwhelm or overstimulate you.

How to create a calm home

There are two methods in particular you can utilise to create a calm home with this change in season, taking into consideration how your home looks, and how your home feels.

The first method is through home decor, from decluttering all the way to mindful home decor curation. 

And the second is through aromatherapy; utilising the power of scent to transform your home into a calming wonderland with just a few spritzes. 

Using zen home decor to create a calm home

Declutter your space

The first step in creating a calm home is to declutter your space. That means saying goodbye to furniture, decor, clothing and any other items that have been collecting dust and no longer serve you.

A good rule of thumb is to declutter those items that don’t serve a functional purpose, no longer bring joy, or aren’t reached for on a regular basis. 

Once you’ve rehomed, recycled or responsibly disposed of the items that you wish to let go of, you can begin to enhance everyday functionality by giving the items you choose to keep a home.

This may mean utilising hidden storage solutions, drawer dividers, or practical decor (like key hooks at your front door) to keep your home decluttered by making it easy to put things in their place as you go by your day. 

This will help you maintain a zen home even after your seasonal refresh.

Reorganise your furniture

Does your current home layout bring a state of calm? Or can you move items or decor around to enhance a zen home energy? 

Moving furniture or decor may be a good idea if you feel like the flow of your living space isn’t optimal, feels stagnant, or no longer accommodates your new interests, routines or personal preferences.

One idea may be to create a ‘calm nook’ in one area of your home. A quiet space where you can comfortably sit and relax and recharge. 

You can do this by creating a comfortable place to sit or lie down, and cultivating calming colours, calming items (like candles, incense holders or mindful colouring books), and soothing textures like cosy blankets and fluffy pillows.

When it comes to zen home decor, there is no right or wrong answer. Simply follow your gut feeling and see where your creativity takes you. You may be surprised by how you have created a calm home. 

Cultivate calming home decor

Lastly, if your home is lacking calming home decor, this may be the right time to invest in some.

Home decor can be calming by the associations and intentions we attach to it. So before you set off on a quest to find the most calming wall hanging, ask yourself, what does calming home decor mean to me? 

Think about what types of textures bring a sense of tranquillity; what scents bring a sense of calm; what colour palettes help you recharge.

Here are just some options you may want to consider:

  • - Indoor plants
  • - Earthy-toned linen
  • - Soft and textural blankets and pillows
  • - Nature wall prints or paintings
  • - Vases for fresh flowers
  • - Handmade pottery
  • - Scented candles
  • - Warm-toned lamps
  • - Essential oil diffusers
  • - Incense holders.

Using aromatherapy to create a calm home

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a holistic health practice that promotes and maintains your mental and physical health through fragrant essential oils. 

From managing pain to increasing sleep and reducing stress and anxiety, aromatherapy works both through smell and skin absorption.

Alongside cultivating a zen home energy through mindful decor, including aromatherapy into your home will equally help you create a calm home.

Essential oils

The name ‘essential oils’ almost defines itself. They are the extracted essence of a plant, collected from its flower, stem or leaves. 

Much like coconut oil or olive oil, all the nutrients and properties of the plant are drawn out through a distilling process until you’re left with a concentrated concoction full of benefits and versatile uses. 

While essential oils can be used for a range of things from self care rituals to cleaning products they can be an especially powerful tool for aromatherapy. 

How to use essential oils

There are many ways you can use essential oils to create a zen home energy.

Add essential oils to your cleaning products

If you follow Marie Kondo, you’ll know that a calm home is one that is tidy and clean. Alongside aromatherapeutic properties, essential oils can also be used for their detoxifying, antibacterial properties.

Add a few drops of a citrusy essential oil, like lemon or Lemon Grass to your go-to cleaning products and begin cleaning away the dust and build-up that accumulated over the season. 

Not only will this boost the effectiveness of your cleaning products by adding an additional detoxifying layer, but will also leave your home smelling crisp and clean. 

Sprinkle essential oils onto your decor fabric

Pillows, curtains, fabric couches can be great vessels for essential oils. Simply add a few drops of your chosen essential oil to the decor fabric of your choice and notice how the subtle aroma helps you unwind and reach a state of calm. 

And if you’re thinking they’ll stain, essential oils have an alcoholic base, meaning the liquid evaporates and only leaved behind its luscious smell. 

Make your own room spray

If you find a sense of fulfilment in creating your own concoctions, or if you have a range of essential oils handy, consider making your own room spray.

Room sprays can be used to freshen up your living space, or to deodorise couches, bed sheets, rugs and carpets.

Simply mix 10-15 drops of essential oils (you can use one single essential oil or several) with distilled water in a spray bottle, and it’s ready to use immediately. 

Diffusers come in a variety of types, allowing you to find one that best aligns with your zen home decor. Such options include: 

  • - Ultrasonic diffusers
  • - Electric diffusers
  • - Ceramic diffusers
  • - Reed diffusers.

Are essential oil diffusers good for you?

Using essential oil diffusers is not only good for you, but also helps create a calm home environment. 

As diffusers most commonly operate using water vapour, they are the healthier alternative to smoke-producing methods, such as candle oil burners or incense.

And because there are no side effects to oil diffusers, you can rest easy knowing you’re only receiving the benefits that come with your essential oil of choice.

While oil diffusers are safe to use, it is important to use essential oils in moderation, so as to not overload your body. With excessive exposure to certain essential oils, you may experience mild side effects such as rashes or heachaches.

How to add essential oils to a humidifier

Although they may look and function similarly, diffusers and humidifiers aren’t the same thing. A diffuser adds fragrance to the air, while a humidifier adds moisture. 

And because of this distinction, it’s important to check the manufacturer’s specifications before adding essential oils to your machine to ensure they are compatible. 

Usually, a humidifier that is compatible with essential oils will have an aromatherapy function.

Once you’ve determined the compatibility, now comes the easy part. To add essential oils to your humidifier or diffuser, all you have to do is add a few drops to the water tank.

The essential oil will mix in with the water, and be released alongside the water vapour, bringing its calming scent alongside with it. 

Incense holders

If essential oils or diffusers aren’t your vibe, you can still create a calm home using incense. When it comes to incense and incense holders, the possibilities are endless.

Just like essential oils, there are a multitude of scents available. From rose, lavender and sage, all the way to palo santo and even dragon’s blood, there’s a scent for every mood and season. 

It’s a good idea to trial an incense scent first, and see what effect it has on you. Does it uplift you? Does it create a zen home energy? Or does it feel off? 

Look for that instinctual response and choose the incense that makes you feel the most calm: this will help you create a calm home. 

The incense holders you choose for your home will depend on the type of incense you prefer. There are five common types of incense and each one requires a different incense holder, with the most common type being incense sticks.

The Takeaway

Whether your home feels stagnant, or no longer brings a sense of peace and relaxation, a seasonal refresh is the perfect time to add a new zest to your living space, especially if you have been wondering how to create a calm home. 

Utilising calming home decor, alongside a generous declutter and some creative furniture remodelling can not only enhance your day-to-day life, but bring some much needed zen energy to your home.

Equally, aromatherapy is a great tool to ground yourself in and bring a sense of calm to your home. Whether incense is your preferred method, or essential oil diffusers have taken hold of your heart, scent has the power to transport you into a sense of calm. 



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