On Fatherhood: Chris Mohen of Mason Wylde


On Fatherhood: Chris Mohen of Mason Wylde

Mason Wylde designer and dad of two Chris Mohen speaks to youtime about what he's learned from fatherhood.

Andrea Robertson


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Published: August 2022

Origin: Australia

Ahead of Father's Day, we speak to the parents, father figures and caregivers in the youtime community who inspire us, to learn what fatherhood has taught them about themselves, and the lessons that inform their own parenting.

This is Chris Mohen of Mason Wylde, father to two-year-old Kit and five-month-old Oakley.

What is your favourite thing about fatherhood?

"One of my favourite things as they develop is we see bits of ourselves come through in their mannerisms.

Our eldest is starting to talk - you can see him learning every minute adding new words and actions every day. Today he said "fried rice" just out of the blue; we literally have no idea where he got that from.

Seeing this play out and sharing it with my partner, Ally, is my favourite thing about fatherhood."  

What have you learned about yourself?

"I'm not as patient as I thought I was."

Who is in your village?

"Both mine and Ally's families are as involved as they can be.

It's great to see the boys' eyes light up when they see they're on their way to Grandma's!" 

What lessons from your own upbringing have you implemented in your parenting?

"As our boys are so young, I'm not sure what was the go when I was two - so I'm flying blind until my first memories of lessons come into play.

However, I'd like to say that respect and caring for family, friends and the community would be pretty important as far as lessons go.

Hopefully we are inadvertently teaching the boys these lessons without the pressure of making it a ruling, and more of how they act as a person and who they grow up to be."

How would you like to spend Father’s Day?

With my boys, Ally and a bit of a sleep in - that's my wishlist.

Andrea Robertson



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