"Introspection, indulgence": youtime for Genevieve Phelan


"Introspection, indulgence": youtime for Genevieve Phelan

Genevieve Phelan

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Youtime is grounded in community, and we are on a mission to elevate the voices of creatives, experts, tastemakers and thought leaders who can open up our world to their unique experience and wisdom. We call them Youtimers.

We asked our community to inspire us by sharing what youtime means to them.

What does ‘youtime’ mean to you?

A moment spared.

A place carved out for introspection, indulgence, some movement, a wine, or a cry.

Time spent focusing on the things that move you and motivate you.

One word to describe your ‘youtime’ ?


What time of day does ‘youtime’ mean the most to you? 

The morning, always.

A selection of your favourite songs for ‘youtime’

Anything London Grammar, Julia Stone, Kingswood, Parcels.

Rhye is one of my all-time favourites to lean into any and every emotion.

Listen to my youtime playlist here.

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