How to Naturally Combat Jetlag


How to Naturally Combat Jetlag

Do long-haul flights put you in a state of dazed confusion, fatigue or circadian limbo? Here’s how to prepare your body and mind for transatlantic travel and avoid body clock trauma on your next holiday.

Lauren McCurry


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Published: May 2022

Origin: Australia

If it feels as though most of your feed are currently #eurosummer photo dumping from the other side of the equator, you're not alone.

Escaping winter for a packed mediterranean beach, traversing cobblestone streets and existing purely on a diet of spritz and gelato - it all sounds dreamy.

Less so is what inevitably awaits at the end of a long haul flight: that all-too-familiar, nasty hangover-esque, bewildering, nauseating jetlag.

A bit of a body clock trauma is a trade off happily made for far flung adventure, but it can be minimised. We've compiled a few tried and tested natural remedies to help your circadian rhythms to acclimatise quickly at your destination.

A solid sleep

Seems obvious. Getting a good dose of shut-eye on a flight is essential – particularly on transatlantic trips that take off late at night and land early the following day.

However, nodding off while squished against a deeply reclined seat or in close quarters with an armrest dominator? No easy feat, friends.

Experts recommend melatonin – but if you’re after a gentler remedy, In Essence’ Sleep Essential Oil Roll-On is the way to go.

This handy travel-size bottle contains a potent yet calming blend of 100% pure Lavender, Mandarin, Roman Chamomile and Valerian essential oils, which effectively relieve sleeplessness, including fatigue, nervous tension, stress, and mild anxiety.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine at cruising altitude

Trust us; in the past, we’ve been known to dabble in a mid-flight Pinot Gris or long black while watching the clouds sail calmly by. But, although most of us probably consume a glass or two intending to fall asleep, it may set your brain on fire instead of blissing it out – causing light or broken naps.

Instead, experts recommend the magic of melatonin-rich cherries as a snack or sip some calming sleep tea, packed with passion flower, valerian and lavender to support the nervous system, aid relaxation and improve sleep quality. Pack some of these teabags in your carry-on.

Be sure to drink plenty of water, as dehydration exacerbates jet lag like nothing else.

Double hydrate your skin

Dehydrated skin is another jet lag symptom to avoid by loading up on potent natural humectants that leave your face feeling pillowy and soft for touchdown. If puffy eyes and chapped lips aren’t your holiday look of choice, we suggest application both before and during your flight, as the cabin’s recycled air and pressure are known to do your dermis dirty. 

After gently cleansing, a product like N.C.P. Hydro Active Serum offers an intense injection of vital moisture to help dry skin regain its lustre and radiance by strengthening the epidermal barrier, maintaining water balance, reducing redness, and increasing collagen.

Follow up with Mesoestetic Hydra-Vital Factor K, a deeply moisturising and nourishing cream with vitamin E that protects against external aggressors. Spritz skin regularly with a hydrating mist such as this Antipodes Ananda Antioxidant-Rich Gentle Toner to soothe and add moisture throughout the flight, and revitalise you as you prepare for landing.

Chill out

Nervous flyers, raise your hands.

It’s been a minute since we have been able to set forth on intercontinental adventures, so you can expect that your flight anxiety may flare up and continue well into your holiday.

Looking after your mental well-being is just as important as the physical, so make sure you plan with all the tools you need to feel better.

One of our favourite ways to stay calm is listening to an engaging podcast (we don't like to play favourites - but this one is great) or Headspace meditation.

Zone in

Another great trick for mood-boosting is sunlight, so heading outside straight after landing in a new time zone can lessen the symptoms and help you adapt to time zone transitions more quickly.

It’s also a great excuse to wander out for early morning gelato before you’ve even taken a shower. If your destination is coastal, getting into the ocean is our surefire shortcut to getting in the right zone.


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