Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home


Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home

We learn how to intentionally create a defined retreat in your home or garden with the purpose of practising what is meaningful to you, from interior stylist Michelle Hart.

Michelle Hart

Interior Stylist

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Published: April 2022

Origin: Australia

With most of us living in shared households, and spending more of our days working from home, it’s never been a more appropriate time to learn how to set up and use a sacred space at home - a special place you can retreat to even for five minutes of your day for the purpose of re-charging your energy and keeping yourself grounded.

A sacred space is a defined place which provides a focal point for practising mindfulness and reconnection to ourselves.

It can be as small as the space on top of your bedside table, or it can be a quiet corner of your bedroom, a pillow placed on the floor near a sunny window, a space on your patio or even a spot out in the garden.  

Your sacred space should feel comfortable, inspiring, safe and calm and be authentic to you, as its main purpose is to help anchor and ground you into the present moment. 

A sacred space is not necessarily for religious or spiritual purposes (although it definitely aligns with both) but rather is a designated area in your home set up as a visual reminder to take some time each day to practice self care.

A sacred space can be used in a number of ways, as long as it is meaningful and enjoyable to you. 

This could be taking time out for reading, for writing or journaling, for meditating, drinking your morning tea or coffee, exercise and dance, prayer, calling a loved one, listening to music or a podcast or for doing something creative like knitting or drawing.

It’s about finding some quiet time in your busy day to slow down to do something that brings a little joy to your heart.

We are often so caught up in the busyness of life that we rarely take any time for reconnecting to ourselves.  

Work, family, running a household, kids activities, school events, social outings, business;  all of this keeps us busy that we can lose sight of setting time aside for any type of self-care

What I have learned, especially over the last two years, and what I now make priority in my life is carving out time for myself, time to connect inward and recharge my batteries, and I do this to maintain my own health and wellbeing.

My sacred spaces at home (I have a couple!) include my bedside table, and a corner in my home office with an armchair and big comfy cushion alongside a cabinet with special pieces like crystals, candles and plants.

I have made meditation a daily practice, and along with that, I intentionally created small sacred spaces in my home where I like to spend time doing this. 

How to set up a Sacred Space

The first thing to do is find a quiet spot in your home away from communal areas and distractions such as phones, tablets and TVs. What makes your space sacred is the intention you create for it.

You might choose to set up an area in the corner of your bedroom, it could even be a window seat or a large floor cushion that you can go to and bask in the sunshine while drinking tea or meditating. 

You might like to display a collection of some personal objects that are meaningful to you, things that have sensory appeal to help you with relaxation.

Some may like to create a small altar which could be on top of a console, a sunny windowsill or a side table. It can be as elaborate or minimal as you like.

Some examples include photos of loved ones, books, a salt lamp, plants or flowers, incense, a diffuser with essential oils, candles, crystals, sea shells from beach holidays, spiritual deities, or beautiful textiles like silk.

The important thing is that you feel connected to whatever you display in your sacred space. 

Each morning I like to light some incense or a candle and then I intuitively select a crystal from my  altar to use for my meditation, it’s become somewhat of a daily ritual. I also like to give thanks by expressing gratitude afterward.

This helps to ground me and set a positive tone for my day, so that I feel like I can handle anything that gets thrown my way. 

A sacred space is a unique and intentional space that anyone can create in their home which helps facilitate daily practice of mindfulness and self-care.

It can evolve and change with you over time, but it will always be there to serve as your own source of support and inspiration.

Michelle Hart

Interior Stylist


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