A Dermal Therapist’s Guide to the Best Age-Management Skincare 


A Dermal Therapist’s Guide to the Best Age-Management Skincare 

Dermal Therapist Yadira Cauchi on when should you start anti ageing skincare, the best skincare routine for mature skin, and best anti ageing skincare ingredients.

Yadira Cauchi

Dermal Therapist

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Published: September 2022

Origin: Australia

There are multiple factors that contribute to ageing skin.

And while ageing in general is inevitable, there are certain skincare ingredients you can use to ensure your skin continues to look and feel healthy. 

You see, skin ageing tends to occur due to both intrinsic and extrinsic factors - and what does this mean?

Firstly, extrinsic factors are those that are kind of our fault because these are factors in our life that we can manage - such as how much sun exposure we get, our lifestyle, poor diet choices, alcohol consumption, stress levels and/or lack of sleep; these are all extrinsic factors that contribute to our skin ageing. 

Intrinsic factors on the other hand, are those that are shaped by our genetics and are unavoidable (to a degree.) 

So while we can’t stop time or change our genes, there are things we can be doing as part of our everyday lifestyle to keep our bodies and in turn, our skin healthy.

Plus, a targeted skincare routine with specific products and ingredients to help tackle age management concerns is always going to help.

Couple the skincare ingredients below with a balanced diet and lifestyle and it can all contribute to healthy ageing. 

Below are some great skincare ingredients to add to age management skincare routines for mature skin. 

The Best Skincare Ingredients to Support Ageing Skin

Botanical Multi Balm

Made with skin-regenerating ingredients, Botanical Multi Balm Kaede is a nourishing, multi-tasking balm that heals and strengthens the skin barrier.

Botanical Multi Balm Kaede is a true do-it-all: it conditions and smooths the skin, takes care of dry patches, heals scars faster, rescues chapped lips, and softens cuticles. 

Try: Microbioskin ™ Botanical Multi Balm 50ml


The next ingredients you want to have in your routine, (and that work really well coupled with SPF) are antioxidants.

Vitamin C of course, is a very popular antioxidant, however there are other antioxidants such as niacinamide, resveratrol, vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 which are also beneficial in age management routines if vitamin C just doesn’t work with your skin.  

Milk Cleanser

The Melyon Milk Cleanser is designed to eliminate impurities and purify the skin without a hint of irritation.

It tenderly soothes redness, imparts a radiant glow, and acts as an antioxidant powerhouse.


Try: Melyon Milk Cleanser 60ml

Vitamin A


Vitamin A is my favourite skincare ingredient for a lot of reasons but especially if age management is a concern.

Not only does this ingredient help boost collagen and elastin production but it also boosts cellular turnover which helps refine skin texture, fight dullness and help get rid of sun damage and pigmentation.

I will always recommend finding the right strength and derivative for your skin via a consultation with a Dermal Therapist. 

Yadira Cauchi

Dermal Therapist


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