Youtime exists to inspire our customers and community to spend time on the things that make them feel good, and help them to connect… with themselves, with each other, and with their surroundings. We are a considered curation of services and products which are all designed to enhance your youtime. 

Skin Care

We at youtime are happy and proud to be able to offer you the best skin care in town, in our bespoke Beauty Room with one of Sweden’s, most sort after and popular specialist skin therapists –Lena Claesson.

With all new machines of the highest quality and function and a big dose of passion for YOU. We hope to offer you the most intimate result driven bespoke skin care available.Welcome to You Beauty.


– LC Signature Face treatment –1990 kr / 60 min treatment
– LC signature Face & Neck treatment –2590 kr / 60 min treatment
– Dermapen –from 4300 kr / 60 min treatment
– Cryopen –800 kr / cylinder
– Radiofrequency ablation –from 500 kr
– Lashes & Brows –495 kr
– Consultation –495 kr

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Hair Care

We are proud to present youtime Hair Care! We work with the highest quality hair extensions, hair, and aftercare, always offering 100% guarantee on their products.

All our team members are highly trained, inspired, and motivated individuals. We are constantly involved in fashion events, educational activities, and feel-good things!



- Junior Stylist– 790 sek
- Senior Stylist– 990 sek
– Please note:  If you would like to book a haircut and haveextensionsin your hair that have not been put in by YOU Stockholm, please call us first for a consultation appointment.
- Blowdry / Styling– from 790-990 sek


- Highlights
- Senior Technician– From 1990 sek
- Technician– From 1890 sek
- Fashion Colour
- Senior Technician– From 1990 sek
- Technician– From 1890 sek
- Colour / Toner –
- Senior Technician– From 1590 sek
- Technician– From 1490 sek
- Colour Correction– Price after consultation
- A deep condition ritual with active ingredients, personally selected by your stylist for profound hair transformation – From 250 sek

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