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Tartu Candle 280g

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695,00 kr

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Inspired by the idyllic and calming woods of Tartu, Estonia, the earthy and fresh scent, infused with the herbal notes of basil and rosemary, captures the essence of nature.


Top: Cistus, Basil

Heart: Rosemary, Fig

Base: Sandalwood, Jasmin

280 g neto natural wax, 55 h burning time, cotton wick, bottom label. Scented

- Burn the candle for 1 hour during the first use.
- Never leave a lit candle unattended.
- Keep candles away from flammable materials.
- Keep candles out of children's and pets' reach.
- Avoid touching a lit candle or introducing foreign objects into the wax.
- Ensure proper ventilation and space above the candle.
- Keep candles away from air currents.
- Leave space between burning candles to prevent melting.
- Safely extinguish candles without water to avoid splattering.
- Wait for a candle to completely extinguish before handling or moving it.
- Store candles in a cool, dry place.
- Be cautious of hot holders and use temperature-resistant surfaces.
- Avoid using water to extinguish candles to prevent splattering and holder damage.

Natural blended coconut, soywax with, 9% of Perfume.


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