Our definition of "Clean Beauty"

In recent years, there have been varying definitions in relation to what clean beauty means. For us, it always has been defined as products and brands that utilise ingredients that don't compromise health for results. We love brands that create amazing safe products that really perform.

The ingredients in the products we carry do tend to be mostly natural, with a smaller portion of synthetics at times depending on the product. For example, many of our skincare lines utilise active ingredients (i.e. vitamin c) in addition to results-driven botanicals.

While you'll notice we do stock many brands that favour natural and organic ingredients in their formulas, we don't proclaim to stock only 100% natural products as this is simply not possible with the broad range of products we stock.

Additionally, most water-based formulations require an adequate preservative system to ensure the product does not breed bacteria and mould which is obviously really important. Where preservatives are necessary, we choose brands that use those that are safe and non-irritating.

We're all about better choices where possible.

As a business, sustainability is really important to us. We do favour brands that utilize sustainable packaging and ingredients and encourage our brands to transition to more sustainable packaging as they evolve.

You are welcome to return your empty beauty bottles to us at Birger Jarlsgatan 37 in Stockholm for recycling.

None of our products are tested on animals.

Our entire range is mostly but not 100% vegan as we do have a small number of some products that contain beeswax or honey.

Our standards


We strive to understand the safety of ingredients on the market to help ensure safer, better consumer products.


Our Sustainable Packaging Guidelines require our brand partners to eliminate the use of single-use items and reduce the use of virgin plastic and non-recyclable materials.


The just treatment of people all along the supply chain is essential to clean beauty.


Sustainable sourcing means doing as little harm as possible to the environment to meet current needs, without compromising the needs of the future. We collect and carefully dispose of and recycle where possible all material from our salon services. We report all waist material to Naturvårdsverkets avfallsregister.

Questions about our range or if you're needing something specific?

Please send us an email via hello@youtime.com and we will get right back to you.