Multifunctional suncare for active lifestyles and everyday life, with carefully selected ingredients for maximum benefit but also to minimize their impact on the climate.


More than SPF

Hydrating Suncare

The Importance of Suncare

We know that most people are aware of the importance of using SPF products in the summer, when the sun is strong and you can easily burn. But most people are unaware of the way the sun can affect your skin also during the other seasons. Let us break it down for you. 

All SPF products in the EU are built with both UVA and UVB protection. These UV rays come from the sun and can damage our skin in different ways.

95% of the radiation that comes from the sun is UVA. UVA is low energy rays and we are exposed to these rays all year round during daylight. UVA penetrates the deeper layer of your skin called dermis, where they produce free radicals that can damage your skin. UVA rays are the main cause of wrinkles and they can also cause sun allergy, pigment changes and cancer.

The benefits of using SPF all year round: 

• It's the most effective way to prevent your skin from aging.
• Reduce the risk of skin cancer
• Reduce the risk of pigment changes in your skin

While using Gun Ana products we want you to embrace life under the sun, all year round.

The Gun Ana Story

Gun Ana sun care products are produced on the Swedish west coast where both founders have their roots.

Gun Ana’s mission is to completely change the viewpoint of sunscreen, both when it comes to formulations, but also in terms of packaging. With multifunctional, easy to use formulations containing high UV protection as well as botanical oils and extracts, they created unique products made for all year round use.

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