The Year of Little Rituals


The Year of Little Rituals

Rather than recycling the old 'New Year, New You' trope, we invite you to join us in exploring little habits and thought changes that, by the end of the year, could result in a more fulfilled you. No big resolutions, no detoxes, no overhauls, no overwhelm. This is about gentleness. Little moments for you.

Andrea Robertson


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And just like that... 2023. What have you got for us?

I haven't greeted the dawn of a January so enthusiastically since 2020, and we don't need reminding of how that all played out. But after two new years' trepidation, it feels as though we are collectively getting our confidence back.

And so, at youtime we are eager to embrace this year purposefully.

Rather than recycling the old 'New Year, New You' trope, we invite you to join us in exploring little habits and thought changes that, by the end of the year, could result in a more fulfilled you.

No big resolutions, no detoxes, no overhauls, no overwhelm. This is about gentleness. Little moments for you.

Finding small pockets of time throughout your day to turn an everyday action into a mindful moment, and introduce bite-sized rituals that are easily absorbed into your existing routine... slowly, you may find yourself looking forward to these daily habits.

Individually, they may be small. At the end of this year, they could have added up to a transformed mindset. One that takes the time to pause, and check into a moment. To be present and to connect, even for a few minutes, before you proceed with the busyness of life.

I have compiled some suggestions to get you started, inspired by ideas we have explored the past year, and by tools from amongst our youtime product offering that we believe can elevate and improve your everyday.

We hope you will join us in taking time for you this year.


Tongue Scraping

Consider us tongue cleaning converts following Lauren McCurry's deep dive article on the benefits of this ancient Ayurvedic practice.

That satisfying scrape upon waking has the power to change my day. The rare occasion I forget the daily ritual, I am acutely aware of the unsavoury white film of bacteria taking up residence on my tongue for the rest of the day.

Read more on The Life Changing Power of Tongue Cleaning.


Add Medicinal Mushrooms to your morning coffee

These traditional Daoist tonic herbs have been used for thousands of years to promote healing, build immunity and enhance bodily function.

Gemma Watts shared that Lion's Mane and Tremella Blend are part of her morning rituals, while Mason's Mushrooms and Jing are also bestsellers at youtime.


Punctuate your day with incense

Lighting incense is how I switch from work to wind down mode.

It sets the mood, the familiar scent envelopes my space, and signals my mind and body to relax.

Explore incense by Bodha and AYU.


Mood lifting movements

If you are finding yourself in a funk, there are certain movements, poses and breathing exercises that can shift your focus and in turn your spirits.

Raj Barker shared four movements for this purpose we encourage you to call on when needed.

You could start your day with this series as an uplifting way to wake up.

Watch the video here.


Add collagen to one drink a day

Much like adding herbal tonics to your morning brew, sipping on a glass of water mixed with collagen can be a literal palatable new habit to add to your day.

Whether mixed with water, coffee or blended into a smoothie, you can reap the benefits of ingestible beauty so easily.

Want to know more? You can read our deep dive on the benefits of collagen in this article, and browse our curation of collagen.


Adding weighted bangles to your walk

We're not all gym people (raises hand). Sometimes it really is hard to find a moment in the day for some exercise, as much as we know it's good for our bodies and minds.

Adding weighted bangles while you walk the dog, stretching, or even while you're cooking dinner or folding laundry, can elevate whatever movement you're undertaking, slowly building strength.

Even though it's multitasking, the knowledge that you're doing something physically good for you can have a positive effect, and perhaps lead to more motivation.


Release that tension

We all know by now that a good orgasm has a multitude of health benefits. You didn't? Read all about it right here.

Therefore we fully support you taking some special youtime (wink). Whether it's partnered or solo play, get that oxytocin hit, and ride those happy vibes all day long.

We have recently welcomed some incredible new sexual wellness brands, including LBDO and Cohere Studio, who join Rosewell and FIGR. Explore our full range of intimates here.


Oil Pulling

We have already discussed tongue cleaning above, however if you're ready to level up your oral microbiome, it's time to consider oil pulling.

Also called Kavala or Gundusha, this Ayurvedic practice has been cited by holistic practitioners for centuries to improve gut flora and reduce intestinal diseases, as well preventing tooth decay, dry throat and cracked lips, and whitening teeth.

You can learn more about the benefits and find a beginner's guide to oil pulling in this article.


Have a bougie bath

Sinking into a serene bath at the end of the day is pretty basic. The ultimate relaxation ritual. A total 'youtime' cliche, if you will.

It's a cliche for reason though and if it's your thing, switching out Netflix and doom scrolling for lighting a candle and enjoying a soak before bed is worthwhile.

Elevating your bathtime with a beautiful oil or milk will instantly make the experience spa like. May I suggest perusing the beautiful offering from boutique brand Well Kept for your next session in the tub?



Nina Karnikowski shared that 20 minutes of journalling is an essential part of her daily morning rituals. "It’s a powerful way of navigating my (sometimes treacherous) emotional landscape, of clearing some of the 70,000 thoughts that supposedly whiz through our heads each day, and of making sense of the world," she said.

Whether you rely on prompts, or simply let the words flow freely, this is a habit than open up your mind and heart and lead to more positive mindsets.

It is a ritual I am most excited about introducing into my day, with either this Self Care Journal or Positive Outcomes Journal.

Andrea Robertson



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