Ready, Set, Reset: Updating Your Skincare for the New Season


Ready, Set, Reset: Updating Your Skincare for the New Season

Out in with the old, in with the nourishing, exfoliating and deep cleansing. Now the warm weather has finally arrived, it's time to switch things up in your beauty cupboard.

Gemma Watts

Beauty Expert

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Are you staying loyal to the same skincare products year round?

As much as you may adore your tried and tested beauty cupboard heroes, your skincare regime needs to evolve with the seasons.

What worked for your skin in winter (you can read my winter skincare routine guide here) may be too heavy now that the warmer months have finally arrived.

I personally love to give my bathroom cupboards and beauty drawers a seasonal refresh at the top of a change in the weather, but there’s something about the sunshine that makes me want to really switch things up.

A change in the weather means a change in the environmental stressors and aggressors that can (and do) impact our skin, so it’s worth making a few substitutions to your skincare routine to ensure you'll be absolutely prepared for the new season.

As summer approaches, these changes will likely be textural - there are plenty of timeless products like sunscreen and retinol that will be of great benefit to the skin year round (yes, sunscreen in winter is a non negotiable), however spring means the overwhelming dryness in the air we experienced throughout winter is on the way out, so we can opt for lighter textures as the humidity begins to ramp up. 

Spring cleaning your skincare routine doesn’t need to be an arduous task. To take the guesswork out of it, here are three simple (and fairly universal!) skincare switch ups you can make this season. 

Change up your cleanser's texture

A cleanser is the first step in any effective skincare routine, and it’s a great place to start your skincare spring clean. 

As the humidity and temperature simultaneously rise, our body produces more sweat and, in turn, our skin secretes more oil.

To ensure our pores aren’t clogged and to keep our skin’s oil production balanced (“balanced” being the operative word - we don’t want to strip our skin of its natural oils entirely), opt for a cleanser formulated specifically to cut through oil, grime and sweat.

Hunter Lab

Lipid Vitamin Cleansing Oil

I personally like to double cleanse, beginning with an oil cleanser, year round to remove makeup and surface grime, however when the weather warms up I generally swap my second cleanser (which is usually a thick cream consistency) for a lighter texture like a gel or a cleansing milk. 

Sub in a lightweight moisturiser 

In the dryness of winter, our skin is sucked of moisture and our skin barrier can become compromised, leaving the skin dry, red and irritated. In the spring and summer, the humidity gives the skin a little respite from the harsher elements.

As the weather warms up, I find I need to place slightly less emphasis on my skin’s barrier function and can swap out my thicker, more occlusive creams and moisturisers for more lightweight textures.

I love to look for products that still deliver hydration through their ingredients, without feeling as though I have a heavy layer atop my skin. 


Baptise H20 Ultra-Hydrating Water Gel

Antipodes Baptise H2O Ultra-Hydrating Water Gel ticks all of my spring skincare boxes - an ingredient list boasting plant-based hyaluronic acid to draw moisture to the skin (moisture and oil being two very, very different things) and a lightweight gel texture for an almost undetectable finish in any weather.

Detox your scalp

I like to extend this step to the rest of my body, too, never forgetting the scalp. Spring is the perfect time for a deep cleanse and scalp detox of sorts, particularly if the winter months triggered any dandruff, irritations or general flakiness that you’d like to leave as far behind as the winter chill.


Scalp Treatment Duo

Sachajuan’s Scalp Treatment Duo, as its name suggests, has been specifically formulated to target the scalp and reduce itchiness and irritation, giving you a clean slate with which to move through spring into summer.

Scrub away the winter months 

We all know the toll the winter chill can take on our skin, and I have long found that my limbs tend to take it the hardest. 

I am a huge advocate for full body exfoliation, and never more so than at the conclusion of winter.

To figuratively and literally shed my skin and emerge fresh, smooth and bright for the spring, I like to really take my time with a full body scrub. Exfoliation is the best way to slough away any dead, dry and dull skin cells as well as to boost our skin’s natural cell turnover process. 

Grown Alchemist

Body Exfoliant

For a really deep spring clean, I recommend going double duty on your exfoliation.

A physical scrub, like the Grown Alchemist Intensive Body Exfoliant, to really buff and polish the skin’s surface for a smooth finish, in conjunction with a bit of dry body brushing to kick my body’s lymphatic system into gear and ensure my skin is turning its cells over as frequently as it should be (this can slow down during the cooler months). 

Still not quite sure where you should be switching up your skincare when warm weather hits?

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Gemma Watts

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