Paloma Rose Garcia: My Morning Rituals


Paloma Rose Garcia: My Morning Rituals

Hairdresser, salon owner and Youtimer Paloma Rose Garcia walks us through her morning - from sunrise ocean swims, to Vedic meditation, and the water flushing therapy she swears by.

Paloma Rose Garcia

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My body naturally wakes up around when my alarm goes off at 6am.

The birds often wake me up which I like - it’s nice that I’m usually drifting half awake before my phone starts to chime. I charge my phone overnight on the other side of the room, and I don’t look at it for the hour before bed.

The first thing I do when I wake is meditate.

I burn some incense - I am an absolute incense fiend - and set a timer for 20 minutes.

I used to do guided meditations, but two years ago I learned Vedic meditation from Gary Gorrow at Soma in Byron Bay, and he gave me a mantra to use that I would never dare share with anyone, it’s my little secret. 

I used to meditate in my living room, but I have a bay window in my bedroom and I’ve had a seat built into it and now that is my meditation space.

I have pillows, the incense wafting in, and 90 per cent of the time I drop into a pretty amazing state.

My sons are usually still asleep - if they’re awake, I’ve spoken to them about the importance of my time and how important my meditation is.

Credit: Paloma Rose Garcia

Credit: Paloma Rose Garcia

Ideally I’ll do 20 minutes in the morning and evening, but I’m a realist, sometimes I have to can it.

But as often as I can I will, I love it, it has a huge impact on my life, it’s beautiful, my favourite time of day.

To start my day, I do water flushing therapy - I drink about a litre and a half of water in about 20 minutes. In total I’ll drink four litres throughout a day. Starting the day with a water flush I find really increases my energy levels and a great way to detoxify.

Credit: Paloma Rose Garcia

For breakfast, I love a little bit of porridge with some Pearl in it, and some nuts, grains and LSA, or gluten free charcoal bread with avocado and an egg. 

About twice a month I meet some friends for an ocean swim. It started in lockdown. We will meet before sunrise - watching the sun rise while you’re in the water is magical.

We will swim about a kilometre, but its very social - we will swim for a bit, and then when we get puffed out we will bob there for a while and have a chat. I recently bought my first wetsuit; it's like wearing a doona while you swim. 

I do pilates four to five days a week.

I’ve been doing it the past three years. 

I like to mix it up a bit too; I’ve tried tennis, weights training and boxing, but pilates has always been my constant.

I love my shower so much; I’ll shower twice in the morning if I’m training and again at night. I’m not in there long, but it’s my reset. I always use coconut oil on my body.

On my face though, I love skincare - I use a million serums. My favourites are by Cosmedix and Medik8 - their Vitamin C is beautiful and I love their cleanser


I am out of the house by 7.30 - 7.45 to drop my kids off to two different schools and then head to PALOMA salon

Images: Paloma Rose Garcia.
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