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New and Noteworthy

Consider us your concierge in the world of wellbeing. From the hair supplement our expert swears by, to medicinal mushrooms for brain function, and the oral care tool you can't get enough of: Find out what's new and trending on youtime.

Andrea Robertson


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We’re not in this to tell you that you "must have" any of these products in your life. You don’t need these to feel well and good. That’s within you.

These are the things that can help you on your way. To delight and inspire. To play with self expression. To assist you in achieving your goals - whether those be skin that glows like a lightbulb, improving your oral microbiome, or elevating your interiors game. To tune into what you enjoy.

This is our edit of what's new in our product offering, and what our community are loving the most.



Premium Copper Tongue Cleaner

One of the most popular items that has been flying out of our warehouse is this copper tongue cleaner.

The youtime team have become obsessed with this daily oral hygiene ritual, and after reading Lauren McCurry's deep dive on the ancient Ayurvedic practice in this article, you have been converts to the 'wake and scrape' mantra too.



Hair Activist 3 Month Supply

Hair expert Paloma Rose Garcia calls this "The best product I have ever used. The amount of new hair growth you get is incredible. It is the greatest at preventing hair loss.”

Whether its postpartum hair loss or damage caused by chemical or heat styling, Aede is what the industry swears by.



Smokeless Ritual Incense - Ground

Bodha's smokeless incense is a clear favourite amongst the youtime community, including Yoga Teacher Zoe Klein.

"I love the Bodha incense because it is smoke free," she says. "This means I can burn it in the yoga studio without the smoke impacting breathing.

"I love earthy scents, colours and textures so naturally the ‘ground’ is my favourite."



Hydr8 B5 Serum

Our skincare expert Gemma Watts says she introduces extra hydration into her daily skincare ritual as winter arrives, in the form of Hydr8 B5, which she calls "the perfect winter serum".

Gemma shared all of her seasonal skincare swaps in this article - and you listened: these are proving a reader favourite.



Lion's Mane

Gemma also revealed that she's been mixing Lion's Mane into her morning coffee to enhance cognitive function, as part of her morning ritual.

In addition to enhanced brain power, this Medicinal Mushroom can also boost digestive health and is a tonic for the immune system.


Hunter Lab

Lipid Vitamin Cleansing Oil

Make Up Artist Rob Povey is currently loving this oil-based cleanser as part of his daily routine.

"I find they don’t strip the skin whilst cleansing it and help to maintain a natural balance of oils in the skin," he says in his Comprehensive Guide to Male Grooming article.



Weighted Bangles

There's a reason these gorgeous wrist and ankle bangles are a celebrity favourite. They enhance just about any form of workout, and motivate you to move (whatever works!) with their function and beauty in gorgeous shades of sage, sand and charcoal.

Any everyday task (grocery shopping, walking to pick up a coffee, folding laundry, the morning commute) can be turned into a fitness moment with Bala Weighted Bangles.


Curio Practice

Berry Ripple Patchwork Blanket

When we featured this divine blanket in our hero campaign shoot, everyone wanted to know where it was from.

Here's your answer. Made with ultra fine verified Australian Merino wool, these blankets are not only a gorgeous interiors moment in your home, but a cosy and comfortable one on which to rest and keep warm.


Mason Wylde

Candlestick Holders (Set of 2)

These gorgeous candlestick vessels, new to youtime, will enhance your tablescape.

After getting the seal of approval from Steve Cordony, who called them "organic yet luxe", we are immediately adding to cart.



Buddha Wood Hand Balm

Leif has just landed in our product offering and we love the Buddha Wood Hand Balm for our bathroom space.

Powerful botanicals blend harmoniously with evocative essentials oils to leave hands nourished and smelling divine.

Andrea Robertson



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