WATCH | #MYyoutime with Sabina McKenna


WATCH | #MYyoutime with Sabina McKenna

A glimpse into youtimer Sabina McKenna's youtime.

Sabina McKenna

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Hi, I’m Sabina and I’m the founder of the Where Are You From? Project. I am also a writer and a curator and I model and create content.

I feel like a lot of what I do in my youtime is resetting. I take the time to organise and plan my week, I take the time to reset at the end of every week to keep my priorities and my goals in check and also my mental health.

Youtime is making sure that I’m really looking after myself and the things that are important to me are filling up my calendar.

My youtime is the most important to me, when it’s in balance.

Finding the time for the important things like moving my body, eating really healthy nourishing foods and spending time with my friends. Striking a nice balance between all those things is when my youtime means the most to me. 

I always talk about my creative projects as being what I’m called to do, not what I have to do. So that is another form of youtime for me as well, being creative and working on those creative things. 

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