WATCH | #MYyoutime with Montana Farrah-Seaton


WATCH | #MYyoutime with Montana Farrah-Seaton

Montana Farrah-Seaton

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"Hi, I’m Montana Farrah-Seaton I am a strength and conditioning coach who also enjoys her running.

Youtime to me looks like my mornings, you know. I get up early and train before I have a full day of work it really puts me in a great mindset so that I am the best trainer that I can be, the best person I can be throughout the day.

One word to describe my youtime would be, variety.

I love to try a little bit of everything, no two days look the same and I guess that’s what I love about my job and my day to day life.

I’m definitely a summer baby, always have been, loved being outside. I would say my youtime is spent in a mixture of good company and solitude. Less is more. I think that covid’s definitely bringing that mindset to a lot more people, that I don’t need to be go, go go all the time. 

If I start my morning the right way then the rest of the day just follows on from there."

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