Holiday Gift Guide: The Gift of youtime


Holiday Gift Guide: The Gift of youtime

Take this as your permission to invest in self (or, you know, send this link to someone who needs a nudge).

Andrea Robertson


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You've been shopping furiously for your kids, partner, partner's mum, your mum, best friend, work bestie.... the list goes on. (Still browsing? Find our Gift Edit here).

But what about you?

Amidst this crazy season of year-end deadlines, social engagements, hosting, remembering to move the damn elf, shopping, wrapping, cooking, and inevitable burnout - it seems to me that you, friends, are in need of some youtime.

Well, you're in the right place. But I think you knew that.

Take this as your permission to invest in self (or, you know, send this link to someone who needs a nudge).

Self love, self care, self expression. This is our edit of tools we believe will enhance your youtime. A sumptuous robe, a dreamy shower ritual, a nourishing hair set, a new toy that brings the good vibes, a journal to inspire a new daily habit for your heart and mind.

However youtime looks for you, make sure you make time for it this time of year. Happy Holidays.

With love,

Andrea x


The Hotel of Zen

The Coogee Robe


Made from 100% Cotton terry in Lisbon, Portugal and designed with love in Australia, The Coogee Robe by The Hotel of Zen is 'relaxed luxury'.

Made to wear at home for your meditation, evening post shower, around your home, on holiday, for your skin care routine - for your everyday rituals that help you get zen!

Wear the Robe any time you want to escape the chaos of the world and take a moment to check in with yourself.



Gold Lust Shampoo, Conditioner & Oil Set


Reawaken your hair to its glossiest, healthiest prime with the Gold Lust Collection by Oribe.

Set includes:

Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo 250ml

Gold Lust Repair & Restore Conditioner 200ml

Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil 100ml



Aromatherapy Linen Eye Pillow - New Moon


Release facial tension and calm your mind with this therapeutic scented pillow by Bodha.

Breathe in the relaxing scent of lavender and chamomile flowers while gently engaging acupressure points to soften the delicate muscles around your eyes.

The perfect complement to your beauty, meditation or sleep ritual.


Well Kept

Bath Milk 350g - Soothe


The soothe vegan bath milk by Well Kept is made of a nourishing blend of coconut milk and epsom salts.

It relaxes your muscles and relieves stress. Furthermore, rose essential oil helps ease pain (especially menstrual discomfort), while bergamot essential oil reduces inflammation.


Cohere Studio



The Roommate you never thought you needed. Discreet and chic, this clitoral suction toy may be pint sized but she packs a quiet punch.

A gentle vibration accompanies a gentle suction to that orgasm button. As Cohere Studio says, let’s see a mere human perform that magic trick.

With ten intensities and variations, there is a rhythm for all tangos.  The Roommate is water resistant, and loves to take a shower with you. 


Gentle Habits

Ritual Body Yamba Set


Connect back to body + self through the ritual of touch with the complete Ritual Body Yamba Set, including the Shower Oil 240ml, Body Balm 240ml, and Body Brush.

With notes of Cedarwood, Vetiver and Patchouli, Yamba will be a favourite in your daily Gentle Habits rituals.

Morning or evening, bath or shower. Listen to the soothing sound of the water. Breathe in and welcome daydreaming, as the scent takes you places. This is your time to create space and bask in a daily sensory experience just for you.


Self Care Originals

Self Care Journal


A 30 day journal from Self Care Originals designed to help you start or nurture your relationship with self-care.

Co-created with psychologists, it draws on Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology science.

Journey into your past, your future and deep within yourself to identify how you can start living, today.


Black Blaze

Bondi Breeze Scented Candle


Light a Black Blaze candle to invoke the warmth of summer year round. Like a sea-breeze. Fresh with driftwood, a light musk follows.

The gentle scent of violet leaves meet the woody mixture of rosewood and patchouli. You’ve arrived at the heart of Summer, fresh with promise to uplift your mood and your home.



Halo Skin-Brightening Facial Mud Mask 75ml


Illuminate your skin with this detoxifying facial mud mask formulated with New Zealand bioactive materials. Mineral-blessed volcanic mud delivers skin-brightening extracts for instant light and lift.

Antioxidant Vinanza® Grape & Kiwi works with prized peony to help brighten skin, while fragrance of vanilla, raspberry, and musk energises and uplifts.


This is Incense

Bells Beach Incense


The very first scent we created, a dark and stormy incense scent with smoky eucalyptus undertones.

The Bells Beach incense was inspired by our hometown, a historic and spiritual location that oozes calmness and evokes ritual.

With 13 essential oils you will be grabbing an incense stick to burn the moment you open the box... let its warm, calming aroma glide out.

Andrea Robertson



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