Cait Miers' Morning Rituals


Cait Miers' Morning Rituals

As a professional surf photographer, Cait Miers spends half her time on the road. But no matter where she is in the world, her mornings consist of an early rise, surf and coffee.

Caitlin Miers


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I used to think I never needed routine.

I’d bounce from one destination to another, shooting, adapting, exhausting myself. I did this for years.

I always tended to feel a little scattered on the road, and it hit me that it was a lack of ‘routine’ that was the primary source to this feeling.

Whenever I would come home from long stints away, I would feel grounded and productive, and I really do think it’s because I had some stability and routine in my day.

My morning routine does change depending on where I am and what I’m doing, but it generally consists of an early rise, surf and a coffee. If there’s no waves, it’ll be a swim, and if it’s too cold, it’ll be an online pilates workout.

During the week, my alarm is usually set to around 6am, and I love nothing more than to wake up to the sun and literally use that energy to fuel my day.

I’m lucky to have an amazing bunch of girlfriends around me who all also surf, so it’s a quick text in the group chat and we’re all at the same break for a morning paddle!

Standard Procedure

SPF 50+ Sunscreen

First things first though. Sunscreen. Always.

No matter what time of year or what time of day it is, I always put sunscreen on because our skin is so important and it deserves to be treated like the queen it is!

I never used to be like this when I was younger, but I have learned my lesson over time. Look after your skin kids!

Hunter Lab

Lipid Vitamin Face Oil

Over the last few years I’ve definitely gotten better at implementing a morning skin routine (après surf).

I’ve recently started using this face oil and it’s a game changer. I’ll use this after my surf to get the moisture back into my skin and I love it because it slowly absorbs, meaning you glow for hours!

I think it truly is these small habitual things that we can incorporate every day to make us feel a little more grounded. It took me years to figure out what works for me in the mornings and what doesn’t, and everyone is so different! 

I also love journaling and practicing gratitude daily. If you’re ever feeling a little scattered or not really yourself in the mornings, ask yourself the simple question of ‘what makes me happy right now?’.

Practicing gratitude can sometimes be the small perspective shift we need to set us in the right direction for the day. And spending five minutes journaling your thoughts and how you’re feeling in that present moment can also bring awareness to the ‘now’ and set you up for mindful day!

When I’m on the road, it’s a little different. When I’m on surf trips, shooting early morning, routine tends to go out the window. My morning coffee, though, that’s an absolute non negotiable.

Morning Joe

Instant Black Coffee 12 Sachets

I take these Morning Joe sachets with me basically everywhere, so I’m never out of coffee.

They’re the best when I’m working an event or have to be on location early and unsure if I’ll get my coffee from the shop! So handy.

I think having a morning routine is super important, but I also don’t like it to be too regimented, otherwise there’s no room for spontaneity and opportunity to come in!

I’m a minimalist at heart and love to just travel with a few products and ‘staples’ to set me up for the day.

The best part about a routine is that it can change and adapt with you, wherever you go, so make sure you hold onto all those things that make YOU feel fantastic, and scatter them into your morning for a bit of 'youtime'. 

Caitlin Miers



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