PODCAST | Allira Potter Wants the Wellness Industry to Listen Up


PODCAST | Allira Potter Wants the Wellness Industry to Listen Up

Episode 4 of the 'It's youtime' podcast hosted by youtime's Founder Steve Terry, in conversation with Allira Potter.

Steve Terry

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The world of manifestation, connecting with spirituality and healing can feel out of reach - a closed off industry only for the select gifted few.

But Allira Potter is on a mission to democratise the space, to teach us that tuning into your inner knowing and intuition is achievable for all of us, if we just pause, and pay attention.

Allira welcomed me into her home in Geelong to talk about how she went from working in the corporate world, partying hard, and as she says “falling into a heap” with depression and anxiety - to where she is today.

Picking up a pack of Oracle cards left to her by her mother, led to Allira forging a completely new path for herself as a manifestation and spiritual coach, and now author - her book Wild & Witchy is out now.

She also talks about how it feels to be a part of the movement to undo the whitewashing of the wellness industry - and how her Aboriginal culture is integral to everything she does.

Allira is so warm, so straight talking, and honest, and she instantly makes you feel right at home with her. So does her dog Cosmo, who joined us for the conversation and was determined to be part of it - so expect to hear from him a bit during this episode!

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