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Wool sea sponges have been used for generations as a way to exfoliate and cleanse. They're highly absorbent, can be used with or without soap, and are so soft, they're gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

- all-natural wool sea sponge form
- sustainably harvested the crop regenerates new growth where sponges are removed - soft on sensitive skin

Due to their enzyme composition, sea sponges are anti-bacterial and will last a long time in your shower and when worn out, just pop it in the compost.

Size: 12-15cm

Soak your sponge and gently squeeze it to release excess water.

You can use it with soap to create a lather or simply massage it over your body in a circular motion.

Rinse your sponge when you're done and let it dry between uses.

sustainably harvested wool sea sponge

Founders Natalie and Emilie initially created Well Kept to fill a need for a more sustainable shaving solution. 

Along their journey they have found their motivation in making one’s entire wellbeing routine intentional for both body and mind, adding oils, bath salts and milks, and bath accessories to their offering.

A commitment to sustainability and making considered choices, as well as forging community, are at the heart of Well Kept, and they are therefore a perfect partner for youtime.

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