Sener Besim

S3 Aurous Sunglasses - Gold

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Product Image
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The S3 sunglasses feature a modern aviator silhouette. The S3 model has an ultra-light curved frame, creating a sleek floating structure.

The construction of the S3 creates a dramatic horizontal plane across the face.


ŞENER BESIM's designs are both Ottoman-inspired and yet Modernist and minimalist in style. The brand is grounded in luxury and a devotion to timeless design, while remaining committed to sustainable, ethical and socially responsible practices.

The jewellery and eyewear brand highlights ‘the importance for our wearer to feel balance between opulence, austerity, and mindfulness.’ This harmony aligns with one of our core youtime values of Lagom: finding contentment in moderation, investing in quality, and consuming consciously.


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