Multi Surface Cleaner Refills - Pine Husk 12ml x 2

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These Multi Surface Cleaner refill extracts are packed with responsibly sourced, toxin-free cleaning agents and natural fragrances — Effective, safe, and all-around pleasant to use.

Mood: Fresh, woody, uplifting, smoky, purifying.

1. Fill, 2. Pour, 3. Clean 

Ethoxylated alcohol, Ethoxylated alcohol propoxylate, Ethoxylated alkyl amide, Octylglucoside, Methylglycine Diacetic Acid, Isopropyl Alcohol, 2-bromo-2-nitropropano-1,3-diol, 2-octyloizotiazol-3(2H)-on, Citric Acid, Perfume.

What you get:

2 x Vial of cleaning concentrate

Each vial contains 12ml of cleaning concentrate, and can be used to dilute into 500ml of cleaning detergent for your Forever Bottle.


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