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Spicy Mousse Chains Blanket

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The Spicy Mousse blanket in CURIO’s signature balanced chain check is knitted from the finest Merino wool yarn (21 microns) for unparalleled softness and durability.

Blanket edges are finished by hand, and the CURIO label affixed to each blanket is embroidered in Central Victoria from Australian cotton and attached by hand.

185cm x 160cm

100% Australian Merino wool

CURIO Practice is informed by the concept of the traditional curio cabinet, where heirlooms and items of wonder are collected and displayed.

Their blankets are designed with the intention that their owners will also treasure them, and pass them down, with one marked difference: They should be used and enjoyed, not kept in a cabinet to collect dust.

With their instantly recognisable check and patchwork designs in eye-popping colours CURIO’s homewares are made with ultra fine verified Australian Merino wool, making them not only a gorgeous interiors moment in your home, but a cosy and comfortable with which to keep warm.


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