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Create your own scented rituals and experience their comfort and beauty for yourself with the Ritual Incense Kit.

The Ritual Incense Kit comes in a hand-made Japanese kiri wood box and includes a customisable selection of two Smokeless Ritual Incense + 30 Ritual Cards to inspire, ponder and prompt.

The Ritual Incense Kit is endlessly refillable and designed to last for years to come.

The Ritual Incense Kit includes:

Smokeless Ritual Incense x 2

Ritual Cards x 30

Handmade wooden box Made in Japan.

Smokeless Ritual Incense: To use, place in an incense holder, light tip, blow out flame and enjoy.

Come back to yourself: This is the mantra that Bodha is grounded in, and it is this - cultivating a sense of connection with oneself through the power of scent - that their product offering is based upon.

Bodha is the expression of a lifelong fascination with ritual and scent by its founders, perfumier and aromatherapist Emily, and designer Fred L'Ami.

Bodha products are designed with the four rituals for living well at their core: purify, refresh, ground and calm.


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