Technology, nature and design unite

Skincare that supports the skin’s integrity and biology

Understated, gender-inclusive products that will look gorgeous in any bathroom, Hunter Lab is next-generation natural skincare. 

Shunning synthetic formulas, green chemistry harnesses the unique powers of natural ingredients including Wakame seaweed, Snap-8 peptides, Antarcticine, Kakadu Plum Seed and Activated Charcoal for optimum skin health.

Wellbeing in the modern world requires a mindful approach to skin health, and Hunter Lab is committed to natural transparency across the range, sharing the exact percentages of natural ingredients, and empowering customers to make informed choices for their skincare rituals.

Natural-active based skin and hair care

High Performance

Made in Melbourne for every body


The 3-Step Routine That Will Get Him into Skincare

Does the guy in your life need a little nudge in the self care direction?




Daily Face Fuel

Lightweight, readily absorbed nutrient-rich daily moisturiser.



Hand & Body Wash

An invigorating hand and body wash harnessing the power of the sea.



Lipid Vitamin Face Oil

A skin-transformative, natural miracle face oil.

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