Sabina McKenna

Sabina McKenna

Writer & Curator

Sabina McKenna is an Australian writer and curator. She is the creator of The Where Are You From? project, a photojournalistic series about cultural identity.

Sabina writes predominantly in interview style and has been featured locally and internationally in publications that include Art Almanac, Broadsheet, Fashion Journal Magazine, Archer, Acclaim, i-D, G-IRL (London), Ladies of Leisure, Catalogue Magazine, and Hopes and Fears (NYC).

Her diverse creative portfolio explores themes of identity and belonging, and she is involved in a range of creative initiatives and institutions, which has included Future Girl Corp, Be. Collective Culture, Frieze Art Fair in New York and The National Gallery of Victoria. Where are you from? has achieved local and international acclaim, with features in press publications that include The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Frankie Magazine, iD UK, Fashion Journal Magazine, Acclaim Magazine, ArtsHub, Zee Feed, Vice, Broadsheet, ABC Life, ABC Radio, Triple R and FBI Radio Sydney.


Is Everyone Queer Now?

With one in six Gen Z adults identifying as something other than straight, 'elder queer' Sabina McKenna, who came out as Bi more than 15 years ago asks: Should newly out people have more recognition (and respect) for those who came before?


Noteworthy Reads

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What Does it Take to be ‘Ethically’ Non-Monogamous?

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When Sabina McKenna stumbled into a short-lived, yet passion-filled open relationship, the experience left her fascinated by the rules, boundaries and prejudices of being 'ethically' non-monogamous.

WATCH | #MYyoutime with Sabina McKenna

- 2 minute read

A glimpse into youtimer Sabina McKenna's youtime.

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