Raj Barker

Raj Barker

Nutrition & Movement Expert

Raj weaves her passion for Nutrition and Movement into all her offerings. From her own personal youtime, to supporting her students and clients.

After completing her Nutrition degree, Raj ventured off to NYC to learn and work alongside some of the best of the best.

Now back on Aussie turf, she is the founder of the transformational Nutrition and Movement platform; Body Medicine and continues to teach for NY based movement practice: The Class.


WATCH | Four Simple Movements for a Mood Reset

Raj Barker shows you four different options of breath, posture and movement to try when your day isn't going your way. Grab your mat!


Noteworthy Reads

Tools and Techniques to Soothe Your Nervous System

- 4 minute read

The activities and rituals you can implement into your day to day life that help you access the vagus nerve and support the gut-brain axis.

Your Period and Your Immune System: The Correlation

- 10 minute read

If you’ve noticed you get sick around your period, you’re not imagining things. How does your period affect your immune system? We take a look.

The Abundance versus Scarcity Mindset 

- 4 minute read

How to stop viewing nourishment from a scarcity mindset, and learn to fill your plate to fuel your body and soul with the 'Crowd Out Method'.

Syncing With Your Cycle

- 4 minute read

Nutrition and movement to complement each phase of the menstrual cycle, from Holistic Functional Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher Raj Barker.

The Skinny on Fat

- 4 minute read

Throw out your early 90s diet mindset once and for all, and embrace good, whole fats on your plate.

WATCH | 20 Minute Yoga Flow with Raj Barker

- 1 minute read

We invite you to join us in a 20 minute yoga flow class lead by Youtimer and Founder of Body Medicine, Raj Barker. Meet you on the mat!

A Nutritionist Debunks the Top 3 Nutrition Myths

- 4 minute read

Nutritionist Raj Barker reveals the most common misconceptions about food and wellness she hears from clients, and sorts the fact from fiction.

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