Montana Farrah-Seaton

Montana Farrah-Seaton

Fitness Expert

Montana Farrah-Seaton is a top athlete and model.

A runner who has also dominated the international runways, and worked with brands including Nike, Google and Lululemon. 

Montana represented Australia in women’s basketball, and more recently specialises in strength and conditioning as a boxing coach and head personal trainer at REVL Training Prahan.

The Importance of Female Strength Training

Athlete, Personal Trainer and Youtimer Montana Farrah-Seaton breaks down the many benefits for your mind and body of getting in the weights room.


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A Pro Athlete's Workout Recovery Rituals

- 4 minute read

Pro Athlete and Personal Trainer Montana Farrah-Seaton reveals what works for her body post-workout, from her favourite protein to braving ice baths and the percussion therapy tool she swears by.

Montana's Top Picks


Theragun Pro






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